SCUBA Courses

Learn to dive with the professionals at Extreme Sports

OPen water diver course $349

- Includes SDI educational materials.
- Includes two classroom sessions, two to three pool sessions, and two days of Open Water at the lake.
- We supply all equipment except a snorkel and a pair of dive boots!
- Private Open Water classes are available for purchase, just contact us.
- This course provides an international certification provided through Scuba Diving International. A student can then go anywhere in the world and dive. This course is the first step in diving.

refresher course $149

- Skills and water review for previously-certified divers who haven't dove in years.
- We recommend this class to any diver who has not been in the water in 5+ years.
- Includes one classroom session, one pool session, and one day of Open Water at the lake.
- We supply all equipment except a snorkel and a pair of dive boots!
- Includes new SDI card.
- Private Open Water classes are available for purchase, just contact us.

advanced specialty courses $149

Specialty courses are key in forwarding your education and skill in diving.
Here is a list of all the specialty courses that we offer:
- Advanced Adventure Diver
- Computer Nitrox Diver
- Deep Diver
- Underwater Navigation Diver
- Wreck Diver
- Night-Limited Visibility Diving
- Boat Diver
- Drift Diver
- Advanced Buoyancy Control
- Search and Recovery Diver
- Underwater Photographer Diver

- Includes SDI educational materials

nitrox course $129

When an Open Water diver finishes their certification and completes a few dives, they usually want to expand their skill and education. The SDI Nitrox course is the perfect option for people wanting to increase their bottom times during their dives, reduce surface intervals in-between dives, and reduce post-dive exhaustion.

- Includes SDI educational materials.

advanced diver course $449

To become an Advanced Diver, a diver must complete four SDI Specialty Courses (only one course without dives, such as nitrox), and proof of 25 logged dives. We offer the Advanced Diver Course by itself that contains four Specialty Courses. This is a cheaper option for someone wanting to complete all of their specialties in a timely manner.

- Includes SDI educational materials.

rescue diver course $199

The SDI Rescue Diver course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills to effectively perform diver rescues and assist and administer the necessary first aid in the event of an emergency.
- Must provide proof of Advanced Adventure Diver certification, or Open Water diver and 40 logged open water dives.
- Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent.

- Includes SDI educational materials

master diver course $599

To become a Master Diver, a diver must complete four Specialty Courses (only one course without dives - such as nitrox), the SDI Rescue Diver course, and proof of 50 logged dives. We also offer the Master Diver course by itself; this contains four specialty courses and your SDI rescue course.

- Includes SDI educational materials.

solo diver course $199

The SDI Solo Diving course is the practice of self reliant scuba diving without a "dive buddy". Solo diving, once considered technical diving and discouraged by most certification agencies, is now seen by many experienced divers and some certification agencies as an acceptable practice for those divers suitably trained and experienced.
- Minimum age 21
- Must provide proof of 100 logged dives

- Includes SDI educational materials


"If you want to get certified to dive, I highly recommend going to Extreme Sports. The instructors are amazing, and they will do everything they can to make you comfortable"
Dayle Chasten
From Missouri, USA
"You tend to forget this is a business because after a couple of visits, everyone treats you like family. My scuba diving journey has been an amazing experience and I owe most of it to my family at Extreme."
Sonny Johnson
From Missouri, USA
"Very helpful people. They understand what it means to be a beginner, and they don't make you feel uncomfortable about being one."
Tawnya Taylor
From USA
"Everyone at Extreme Sports is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend attending a 'Try it Tuesday' event to literally get your feet wet. You won't be disappointed!"
Ryan Paul
From Missouri, USA