2017 Annual Safari Hunt Animal Intros

#1: Mildred the Monkey- Fraternal twin of Millard. Do you believe she got the looks?

#2: Ardie the Alligator- Owns a chain of taco food trucks along the east coast; travels the world with his pet coy fish.

#3: Felix the Lion- College star athlete at Alabama state university. Frat “King.”

#4: Wendy the Whale- Going on 26 years of marriage with wally the whale. They have 6 kids.

#5: Millard the Monkey- Fraternal twin of Mildred; small but mighty

#6: Gina the Giraffe- Certified makeup artist and YouTube makeup guru. Has over 1 million subscribers & is most famous for her glowing radiant skin.

#7: Paulie the Panda- Jersey boy born and raised. Runs his family owned Italian sub shop with the help of his 4 kids; Gianni, Paulie II, Antonio, & Adrianna.

#8: Ed the Elephant- Ear nose and throat doctor who has appeared on the bachelor 2 times and cannot seem to find love. Single dad of a daughter.

#9: Wally the Whale- Married to Wendy the whale. Working to save the streets & stop the extinction of humans.

#10: Dina the Dinosaur- Nobody knows why she’s here and nobody asks. 6 time mma world heavyweight champion. Anticipating her next match with Ronda Rousey.

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