2018 Annual Spring Sale

Annual Sale sign out in front of Extreme Sports Scuba

It is about time for the Annual Spring Sale at Extreme Sports SCUBA. Make sure you mark your calendars for April 27 and April 28, 2018. That is the last Friday and Saturday of the month. Also, be sure to note that we are closed April 26 to prepare for the big sale.

This year we are offering new packages with the Hydros BC AND new and exciting G2 color computer. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hold one of these bad boys, now is the time

We have teamed these two new products up with the ever reliable and popular MK25/S620TI regulator. This package with a free mesh bag will only be $2999.00* April 27 and April 28, 2018.

What do we top that off with? If you want to trade in your Knighthawk or Ladyhawk, we will allow another $75.00* above normal trade-in value. The divers that have been using the Hydros say it is AWESOME!

We will offer an MK25/S620TI Regulator, Hydros BC, and a Luna hoseless computer for $2499.00*. Or get an MK11/S620TI Regulator, Knighthawk/Ladyhawk BC, and an Aladin H computer for $1599.00*.

Extreme Sports Scuba already has some used BC’s all with Air II on them for the sale. We can make you a package with a used BC if you prefer.

And remember, all of our accessories and soft goods are on sale too!

Mark Your Calendar’s for April 27 & April 28, 2018

*Note: Prices listed above are good for April 27 & April 28, 2018.

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