#31in31 January 2018 Post Recap

I’m not sure about you but I feel like January came and went like a whirlwind. It seems like we were just announcing the January plan and BAM! It’s gone. I would like to say a special thank you to everyone who helped me out by writing guest posts…

Without the help of these wonderful people, my 31 days of blogging might have been a little sparce. We all collaborated, discussed, and started writing. I set a deadline that I needed all blog posts submitted to me by December 1, 2017. I knew that deadline wouldn’t stick, but it gave us something to work toward. By mid December I had 17 of those posts up and ready to go for January 1. WOW! I was amazed and I need to say thank you to everyone who helped me with that.

I had the last post in my possession as of January 19th. So… we didn’t meet my deadline but I’m telling you… this was a major accomplishment! I’m in shock that my people love me that much! Okay okay, so maybe my people love you that much since you are the reader of the blog and we did this for you!

Next comes the interesting part… to Deb and me at least…

The top 10 posts of January 2018 31 in 31.

  1. When Your Doctor Says No More SCUBA Diving – Chuck
  2. Fulfilling the Dream – Tiffiny
  3. How Often Should I Dive – Grady
  4. Where do I Dive Around Southwest Missouri – Dan
  5. Dive Cozumel – Deb
  6. A Junior Diver’s Perspective – Tori
  7. Why Should We Cancel or Abort a Dive? – Dan
  8. Dive Flag Rules per the Four State Area – Grady
  9. Junior Diver Interview – Calder La Due – Nicole (with assist from Amy)
  10. Solo Diving – Grady

I think we’ve had a lot of fun writing these posts… we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading them just as much. 31 days of blogging is a lot, and if you happened to miss one or two or three, they are listed below. Click on the photo and they will take you to that particular post.

January 2018 – 31 in 31

1-1-2018 – 11 Quotes to Start the New Year
1-2-2018 – A Junior Diver’s Perspective
1-3-2018 – Why Should We Cancel or Abort a Dive?
1-4-2018 – How Often Should I Service My Dive Gear?
1-5-2018 – Day in the Life of Scuby – DEMA Edition
1-6-2018 – Dive Flag Rules per the Four State Area
1-7-2018 – New Year’s Day Recap
1-8-2018 – Curaçao Bon Dia
1-9-2018 – How Often Should I Dive?
1-10-2018 – Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk
1-11-2018 – Why Liveaboard
1-12-2018 – When Your Doctor Says No More SCUBA Diving
1-13-2018 – 10 Reasons to Visit Cozumel Mexico
1-14-2018 – Dive Cozumel
1-15-2018 – Never Have I Ever – SCUBA Edition
1-16-2018 – Why Dive Solo?
1-17-2018 – 173 and Counting
1-18-2018 – Fulfilling the Dream
1-19-2018 – Shore Dives at Sunscape Resort
1-20-2018 – Keeping SCUBA in the Family
1-21-2018 – Junior Diver Interviews – Calder La Due
1-22-2018 – You Want to Become SCUBA Certified… Now What?
1-23-2018 – Where Do I Dive Around Southwest Missouri?
1-24-2018 – What You Should Know Before Taking a Camera SCUBA Diving
1-25-2018 – What SCUBA Gear Should You Buy First?
1-26-2018 – 10 Composition Techniques
1-27-2018 – Try SCUBA
1-28-2018 – Snorkeling
1-29-2018 – Why Choose Extreme Sports SCUBA
1-30-2018 – Tips on Boat Diving Etiquette
1-31-2018 – Super Bowl 52 Game Day Spread

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