Beaver Lake Dive Traditions: Short Stop – Garfield, AR

Hopefully, everyone is recovering from his or her long weekend (hoping that you were able to have a long weekend). One thing about long weekends, it makes for short workweeks and takes us that much closer to the next weekend! Do you like my way of thinking?

While I’m going through all the photos that were taken during the trip to Indian Creek Campsite at Beaver Lake this weekend, I thought that I would take some time to share with you an eating experience that you must try if you happen to be down at the lake at some point this summer with us.

Our campsite where we typically dive there at Indian Creek is about 6 miles from Garfield, AR. In, Garfield there is a gas station/grocery store/ eating place that is a must-stop on your way home, it’s like a tradition or something. The place is called Short Stop. Now from the outside of the building, it may not look like much more than a convenience store, but trust me, give it a try!

When you walk in the main entrance, off to the left in the back corner is where you can purchase your food. As you can tell from this menu, they have a great selection of food. After a long weekend at the lake, I can sure tell you that one of my favorites is their 1/3 Hamburger with bacon and cheese. It’s just the comfort food of life.

Now if you’re not in the mood for a meal, but want a treat still, the main reason to stop would be the ice cream cones. They have different size options ranging from Peewee to Large. If you can put away the ice cream, definitely go for the large! I have to say I typically stay with either a baby or a Kids size. In the picture below you’ll see a Large on the left, a baby on the top right and 3 sizes range on the bottom right: Peewee, baby & kids.

I can tell you after a great weekend of diving; the ice cream cone is totally worth it. And remember, we always know good food when it comes to our dive friends. I wouldn’t try to steer you wrong, but if you don’t like it, please don’t disown me!! I’m not a professional food critic, just the pregnant girl who likes to eat.

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