Benefit & National Parks – Memorial Day

Every Memorial Day the NEBCO Fire Department has a benefit breakfast. Grady mentioned that we should go to eat breakfast there on Monday, which they usually forget about. He mentioned it to enough of us though, that we didn’t forget. So we met up at 7:30 a.m. and headed to the NEBCO Fire Department Community Center located in Garfield, AR.

There were 25 from our group that were in attendance and showed up all at once. We really were wondering if we had the largest group show up that morning.

From there we decided to head over to Pea Ridge, AR to the Pea Ridge National Military Park.

We went inside the museum and they told us it was $10/car load, which includes a 30-minute video about the Civil War battle fought at Pea Ridge.

Mark Willoughby & Jason (JT) La Due

Then you load up in your car and it is a driving tour with 10 different stops along the way.

Lee Lake at stop number 3 – LeeTown

Armies Collide at Stop Number 5. Grady asked if we needed to stop here because this stop is seen from the road on the way to Indian Creek Campground.

Grady also thought we needed grass on our windshield

West Overlook Stop 6

East Overlook Stop 7

Elkhorn Tavern Stop 8

Then we went back to the campgrounds, packed up our stuff, and headed for The Shortstop before heading home.

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