Black Friday Deal

When the weather outside is frightful, normally Extreme Sports is off down in Cozumel feeling delightful. Sending back photos of the sand and the sun and of course all the shenanigans that they are doing. Trying to make those of us who were unable to go jealous. But, I’m here to tell you, this Monday the weather played a prank on ALL. OF. US.

Snow. We had snow. In November. Snow in November in this part of the country isn’t totally unheard of but it is very uncommon. Especially temperatures with highs in the upper 20’s or lower 30’s and lows in the low teens. But Mother Nature got a laugh in on all of us.

Here we are a week and a half before Thanksgiving and we had snow. Last year it was New Year’s when we saw temperatures like this. We all stayed home instead of doing our New Year’s Day dive. And just a month later when it was still cold in the Midwest, there was a trip that left for Cozumel. There isn’t a trip headed that way until February 2019.

With all those thoughts of cold air out there in the universe, I can now remind you to gear up because New Year’s Day will be here before you know it. There is a dive at the lake then too unless last year happens again.

One way that you do the New Year’s Day dive is to gear up in a dry suit. In fact, Justin is off teaching a Dry Suit class right now. The other way is in a heavy mill wetsuit with a hood and gloves, etc.

But let’s back up a minute…

Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! One week from tomorrow in fact. Now, as we all know, Extreme Sports SCUBA will be closed on Thanksgiving celebrating with our families, but… then there’s Black Friday.

Black Friday

Now let’s do a short history lesson… Soon after the Great Depression, department stores really wanted a little bit longer shopping season for the Christmas shopping season. In 1939, President Franklin made a presidential order to move Thanksgiving to the 3rd Thursday of November instead of the fourth to allow extra shopping time for customers who didn’t want to start shopping for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Later it was made as a congressional order, so all would recognize it.

The day after Thanksgiving started being referred to as Black Friday because businesses would run specials to bring in customers helping bring their bottom line up into the black.

The earliest known use of the term started in the early 50’s, but it really didn’t catch on until the 70’s. Then it gained national recognition in the 80’s. Jump forward 20 years or so into the early 2000’s and that’s when Black Friday started ranking as the number 1 busiest shopping day of the year.

Now, aren’t you glad you know the rest of the story?

So why Nicole are you giving us this history lesson? Well, because I couldn’t think of anything else to blog about. Just kidding. Truthfully, it allowed me to inform you of this….

Black Friday at Extreme Sports SCUBA

Here we are talking about Black Friday deals. It’s totally worth it though! This year, on November 23, 2018, there will be a special on Open Water Scuba Classes. This year classes will be priced at $199. WHAT?!

Now, if you become open water certified, then you will be prepared to join us on one of the February trips to Cozumel. That way come one of these February’s when it’s cold and snowy and icy here at home, you can be soaking up the warm waters and sun and sand. Plus you’ll be one of those who sends home pictures of shorts and t-shirts while the rest of us who weren’t so lucky are bundled up, facing the snow and icy weather of February in the Midwest.

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