Challenge Accepted/Issued

Good Sunday Afternoon to you! Have you been sweating these last few days? Boy, it sure has been warm here in the Great State of Misery… I mean Missouri. If you have been on any type of social media these days, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or whatever your social media outlet is, I’m sure you’ve seen the #ALSIcebucketchallenge going around. It is to raise awareness about ALS. I’ve read that the ice bucket part of the challenge is because having the ice-cold water dumped on your head helps you get a feel for what those who have been diagnosed with ALS are going through/feeling.

Sunday morning when I got on Facebook I noticed that our very own Rachele Lord had been challenged. She chose to represent the challenge via Extreme Sports Scuba and issue her own challenge while she was at it. So if you aren’t friends with Rachele on Facebook, here is her challenge. Enjoy! And hey, the ice water challenge might feel good when the temps are 101 degrees outside!

By the way, while this post was getting typed up I saw that Jared Weston was also issued the challenge and accepted, but sadly I can’t figure out how to link his video on here. It was put directly on his Facebook page versus on youtube. {Where’s my IT Tech Diver to help me??}

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