Christmas Wish List – Stocking Stuffers

Oh goodness, can you believe that we’re almost halfway through the month already? And better yet, we’re halfway to Christmas. Someone please slow time down! I swear, every year it gets faster and faster. I’m really not ready to put all the Christmas decorations away for another year!

But no one came here for complaining! What you came here for were Stocking Stuff ideas for that SCUBA diver in your life! And boy did you come to the right place! We have you set this year! With not 1, not 2, not 3, but 10 different Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

Stocking Stuffer 2017 Ideas



  1. Headband – These headbands seem to be the hot new item. If you’re like me and don’t like a hood, they give extra warmth to keep your ears warm. That extra bit of insulation can make all the difference in a dive.
  2. Lycra socks/hoods – Not only do these help you put your wetsuit on/off, they add color and separate you from your dive friends. This could be a good thing or a bad thing… maybe. Ha!
  3. Gloves – No one likes cold hands. Gloves are the perfect addition to help with that. But, you only dive in the Caribbean? No problem… they are great to have for a wreck dive so you don’t accidentally put your hand on metal. Ouch!
  4. Beanie – Need a little more protection for your head but still not down with the hood? No problem! Try a beanie. It gives you that extra insulation all around your head without the “confined” feeling some people get from a hood.


5. White Tip 65 knife – Oh no, you’re caught. Get a knife. This great little handy dive knife will attach to your BC and get you out of even the toughest spots.

6. Sea Snips – Don’t like the idea of a knife but still need that way to get yourself loose should you get in a bind? These little diving shears are a great addition.

7. Lanyard – Need to tie your camera to you? Need to tie your regulator to you? Need to tie anything small to you but need it to be easily released. We have you covered!

8. Fin & Mask Strap – This is a dual purpose item. It clips to your BC and gives you a great way to keep your mask/fins attached to you if you’re on a surface interval… BUT, wait… Deb has learned this is a great piece of gear to help tie your weight pouches together.

9. Mouthpiece – Finally, who doesn’t like a new mouthpiece? With all different shapes and sizes available, we can get you set up with just what you need/want.

10. Mask Defog – You can never have enough of this stuff. It does what the name implies, keeps your mask fog free so you can catch all the wonderful sights of the underwater world. Bonus: some of them even work on sunglasses for going from heat to cold.

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Merry Christmas!

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