Tank Talk 1 (Nicole)

Good Wednesday to you! Today, we thought we might do something a little different here on the ol’ blog. Be sure to let us know if you like it!!

We’re going to have a Gab session. Basically, it’s like we’re sitting down here having a coffee date or something, except this morning I’m not drinking coffee. I’m drinking a Diet Limeade with Cranberry. I blame Drake for this… last summer he got us liking Cranberry Limeades. I figured if I went diet, I could cut a few calories, right? Haha. So grab your drink of choice and let’s chat!

First things first, I want to remind you that tomorrow, Thursday, June 7, is Dive club meeting. The weather is going to be perfect! As of right now, because you know in Missouri the weather can change at the drop of a hat, we’re looking at a high of 92˚F with a low of 70˚F. Perfect evening for the Extreme Dive Club Meeting held at Deb and Grady’s house. The cuisine will be Hamburgers and Hot dogs, bring a side or dessert or come as you are. We just want you there!

I’m currently working on cooking something here at the dive shop for tomorrow’s meeting. I may or may not have had a boilover and it might smell a little like burnt marshmallow here. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with Marshmallows. By the way, saying that, hold on, I need to go stir it!

Okay, back! By the way, I’m in the process of making Dulce de Leche for a dessert. I introduced those of you who were able to join us at the lake over Memorial Day Weekend to this indulgent stuff. I had a lot of people ask me what Dulce de Leche is. So, googled it… It’s an Argentinian dessert that is a lot like caramel. It is sugar that has been caramelized in milk. If you can’t buy store bought, there are 2 ways to make it. Check out this blog post, she goes into details about how to make this beautiful stuff!

Speaking of Memorial Day Weekend, we finally kicked off the summer diving season! I’m not sure you could totally prove it by those of us who dove the waters… that first thermocline was at 15 feet and dropped something like 9-10˚. But on the surface, it was gorgeous. And… we only had a small bit of rain hit us on Friday. Otherwise, it was smooth sailing in the rain concerns.

That weekend we certified 14 new divers while enjoying the company of our already certified divers. It was great! And to top it off, the Monday morning tradition of breakfast with the NEBCO guys. Now bring on dive season!

The big events that we have coming up beside the many, many (yey!!) new open water classes are the Safari Hunt toward the end of this month. Curaçao next month, Mermet Springs in September, and the Underwater Pumpkin Carving in October. Be sure to watch for those upcoming events and if you don’t want to dive them with us, come to watch and of course EAT!

So, with the sun that we experienced these last few weeks, did you know that we got a new line of sunglasses in the shop? Guys, they are awesome. You need to come check them out for yourself. They are polarized which helps with water glare. Score!

This morning I tried on a new wetsuit. I wasn’t happy with the 3mm wetsuit I previously owned, so Deb had me try on the Definition 3mm wetsuit. In the process, she also showed me the new wetsuit she has recently ordered. It is a 2-piece wetsuit. It’s part of the new line that SCUBAPRO has. She got hers in turquoise to match her new pockets on her Hydros and the fins that also match her Hydros pockets.

I’m pretty sure that’s one of the absolute cool things about the Hydros. You can change out the color of the pockets, but you can also color coordinate them with your Seawing Nova fins. WHAT?!?! Yup! Orange seems to be the popular color as well as the new turquoise color. I have purple. Seems like that is the least popular color right now. Easy for me to keep track of my BC!! Although we did have a debate a couple dive club meetings ago on if that color was, in fact, purple or not. Do you care to weigh in?


Finally, did you see the post on Facebook the other day about the new NRS shoes? By the way, do you follow us on Facebook? You should if you don’t! Plus, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!!

Anyway, the NRS shoes. They have a super sticky rubber sole and are made out of quick-drying material. One of the best things is they have a “crushable” heel which allows you to wear these shoes as a slip-on or a tennis shoe! And, they come with 2 pairs of shoelaces! That way if you lose one, you have a spare! I’m not sure I’m describing them to the coolness factor of them, so please come see them with your own eyes!

Okay, I guess time has passed by now and you are probably ready to go. Let’s sit down and have another gab session, real soon, please?!?!

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