Cozumel 2015 – Carnaval Trip

As of Sunday February 22, 2015, the group of Extreme Sports Scuba divers who went down to Cozumel have been back in the states and the lovely weather that the rest of us endured while they were off galivanting in the sun. Sadly I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to experience Cozumel in February so I had to bring in a guest blogger to tell stories of all the fun that was had in beautiful, sunny Cozumel, so meet my guest blogger, Deb Weston (as I’m sure you’ve all met if you have anything to do with anything with Extreme Sports Scuba) So I’ll turn the blog over to Deb, take it away!

While many of you were at home in cold snowy weather, 32 people were in Cozumel with Extreme Sports Scuba.

This year we were able to attend the Carnaval Festivities in Cozumel not only great diving but there were Parades three nights we were there, some of our group even rode on the Hotel Cozumel Float in the parade. We had so much fun.

Underwater we saw eagle rays, sting rays, moray eels, turtles, sharks and much more.

Javier the Dive Master was having Grady pull him without his knowledge so Javier tricked Grady into a free dive. He took his reel and attached it to Grady, then held on.

As always there were comical experiences including (but not limited to):

One was Steve Todd holding dive Master Clemente’s hand underwater caught on video. Check out video below!

Grady Weston dropping his dive bag in the water when loading the boat. They had to make a free dive down to get his bag before we could head out on the water.

Jan Goldworthy lost her boots, looked for them a whole day and found them in her dive bag.

Deb Weston dropped her weight pouch and her camera on the same day.

And last but certainly not least John Patrick asked the wrong couple to dinner one night. We don’t know who they were.

Congratulations to Krista Martin on completing her Open Water dives in Cozumel.

Also a big congruations to Larry Renkowski and Christina Novak, He proposed and she said yes!

Thank you Cozumel Marine World for the best Dive Masters, Crew and Captain.

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