Cozumel – February 18-25, 2017

February 18 a group of 20 set off on a grand adventure for Cozumel Mexico. What am I talking about… this is the yearly, get out of the fly over states crummy weather! The funny part of the whole thing was, they didn’t leave us in snow this year. We were only about 10 degrees cooler in Missouri than they were in Cozumel. The big difference was the evenings.

This year on the dive boat we had 3 dive masters. This is George. We’ve had him before… he’s not new.

This Jimi. He was new for us. I’m sure we left him scratching his head a few times but we sure liked him. He’s welcome back on our boat anytime!!

Finally we had Jeremiah. He said he remembers us. Is that a good thing or a bad thing… you be the judge! Remember a few years ago there was a cab driver that recognized Deb. Just saying. Anyway, we liked him really well also so he’s welcome aboard our boat again too.

This is Jimi again. Doesn’t he have gorgeous hair? He told us it was for the girls.

On this trip we had 2 divers get certified. This is Tracy.

And this is Jonathan. Hopefully we didn’t scare them off. Prior to their trip down Nicole told them what John Patrick says you’re supposed to do on your first trip to Hotel Cozumel (hint: kiss the statue’s behind.) If they did it we’ll never tell.

This is the group getting ready to dive. These are the dive warriors who go with us every year. Seen: Jerry, Jan, Mike (Dive like Mike), and Tom.

Now for the underwater scenery. This is the whole reason for going after all.


Sea Anemone 

Lionfish. One of the few we saw.

Just one of many Eagle Rays seen. They were beautiful.

French Angel Fish

Splendid Toad

Lots of Eels. 


Queen Angel and lots and lots of turtles. Those turtles are mystical creatures.

Hermit Crab.

Peacock Flounder

This is just outside the hotel on a shore dive. Have you seen it?

Hello Mr. Turtle.



One of our fearless photographers, Nelda.

Diver Dan

One of the dive masters getting ready to take a group up.

Say Cheese

Let’s Dive IN!!!

Have you ever been Geocaching? If so, this is one of those. Also explain to us what it is 😬

Grady wasn’t allowed to dive after all the doctor trips in December so he took up other hobbies such as stealing Deb’s camera and learning to take selfies and walking. Because of all the walking and walking and walking he did while in Cozumel, he was able to graduate from physical therapy early. And hey, Deb’s camera didn’t break.

Gathering and hanging out waiting for the group photo.

The Hat. Yes, it has to be addressed as “The Hat.” So, would you like to know the story behind The Hat? Good settle in for a good laugh. Steve Todd‘s wife Shirley told Deb that she was responsible for making sure that Steve didn’t sunburn his ears. Jan decided that we needed to get him a hat. This is the hat we found and he wound up with, like it or not. The Hat made multiple photos, you definitely would have seen that had you been watching all the Facebook updates. We did have to do a lot of shopping to find this particular hat though. We went in this store and it was at the very back. The guy pulls all the hats out and Jan asks for the one on the very bottom. This hat cost a whoppin’ 3 whole dollars. And did you notice, poor Steve was the only one addressed by first and last name… does that mean he did something wrong? (think of your mother calling you your whole name)

The night of the hat shopping trip. This photo may or may be be used for blackmail.

I think he’s wearing the hat proudly, what do you think? Now the question is, does he know that Deb is there or not?

This is the “trouble” group that the poor Hotel Cozumel staff and Cozumel Marine World had to deal with. Do you think they shake their head and call us crazy? Just a thought.

The waters happened to be rough one day and they closed the port so that meant it was the perfect opportunity to go exploring the town. We wound up finding a museum downtown about Cozumel. They had a lot of interesting facts about Cozumel plus the old SCUBA gear made the trip worth it. I guess what we’re saying is if you ever find yourself in Cozumel with a few hours to spend, definitely check this place out.

On a shore dive down by Cozumel Marine World we found out that they are doing a Coral Restoration project. Sadly we didn’t get any pictures of it, but the next trip down there we’ll need to run back by it and find out what the newest additions have been. If you happen to get there before us, please by all means make sure to get pictures and share. We want to do progress photos!!

So now that you’ve seen the crazy shenanigans that happened in February, bring on the next dive trip. There’s always a good story hiding in the shadows somewhere!

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  1. And Steve left the hat in Cozumel for the locals to dispose of. It was really worn out but the time we found it.

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