Cozumel February 2019

This trip should have been called, the Whose who of sick people. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. There were 39 people who were able to make the trek this year and sadly there were 4 who were unable at the last minute. Every day you were unsure who your dive buddy would be because it’s that time of year, winter… when everyone gets sick. But, the good news is, we toughed it out and had a great diving adventure to the land of warm water and sand (especially in February).

One thing that can be said about all group dive trips is, we have busy weeks with great travelers. And of course, there are good eats, good friends, and good times. It seems like after the trip to Cozumel in May 2016, the submarine can be seen at the wreck dive in the afternoons. In fact, we’ve seen the submarine every time we’ve dove there since, including this trip where we saw it 3 times, twice at the wreck and once at Chankanaab.

If you were into seeing the Moray Eels, this was the trip for you! We saw large Eagle Rays and multiple Moray Eels, but few turtles.

Multiple “Awards”

So this year, let’s have the Cozumel Awards show…

  • Most Wetsuits Worn at one time: Ava Hogan (she was cold otherwise)
  • Youngest Traveler: Grayson Fosdick (8 months old and counting… and he recommends the sand)
  • Best Dives Ever: Miles Hogan (each one got better and better)
  • Everyone’s Grandchild: David Hurley

Now, for the Notable Dives

  • Open water check out dives: Ava Hogan, Randy Friend, and Deanna Friend.
  • Advanced Classes: David Hurley, Greg Simmons, Clayton Crain, Sherri Bruce

Dive Masters who joined us

  • Jaime (pronounced Hymie or as we liked to say, Jamie)
  • Jorge (but we call him George)
  • Clemente (he likes us just a bit)
  • Mario & Juan (known them for years)

And finally… Time for the pictures because we know that’s what everyone comes for.

Thank you, everyone, for a fantastic trip. Bring on the Summer Trip!!

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