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Okay, fess up, who woke up to a sight like this one this morning, raise your hand… (btw, I stole this picture from Shirley Mann. Sometimes it’s better to do now and ask for permission later, so Shirley, can I steal your photo please )

Don’t worry, neither did I. If you aren’t on the trip to Cozumel that left on Saturday, your morning probably started out looking more like this… (raise your hand if this was more your view):

This may or may not be the reason this post is a little later in the day because I may or may not have been sulking that I had to go to school today… Oh well.

So a couple weeks ago Jared Weston gave me a suggestion for a blog post and today is the perfect day for it… He asked me if I knew that a person could book a trip through the Extreme Sports Scuba website. I have to admit, for as much time as I spend on the website I didn’t realize this, which got me to wondering how many other people didn’t know you could do this?

So it’s through Extreme Sports Scuba but it isn’t one of the big Cozumel trips, this is more of a personal diving trip that you plan.

So you log on to the website, scroll down (please be nice to my pieced together photo!) to the bottom (follow the green arrows) and there is a link.

And the link takes you to a site that looks like this…

And bam, you’re ready to start planning your trip. Now who wants to send me to a nice warm location because I’m not a winter person. I was born in the middle of summer, almost in a hayfield, only reason I wasn’t is because it was raining that day and my parents decided since they couldn’t go to the hayfield, why not have a kid instead.. or something like that. Anyway enough about me, get to booking your trip out of this “lovely” weather! . You’ll be glad you did!

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