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Cozumel at Columbia Shallows

You may have heard me talk about diving in Cozumel a lot, that’s because Grady and I have been to Cozumel around fifty times. Yes, that’s a 5 and a 0. It is still one of my favorite dive destinations. When people ask me where they should go for their first destination dive trip, Cozumel is always my first answer.

One of the big pros about Cozumel is you can do deep dives as well as nice shallow dives. There is always lots of fish life and the water always has at least 100′ of visibility. While some people certify while in the ocean, I suggest getting certified in the lake. Why? Well, because you’ll appreciate the visibility that much more.

One of the best reasons to dive is to see what other’s can’t see on land. What do you see? Turtles, nurse sharks, moray eels, angel fish, parrot fish, and sometimes even seahorses. And yes, I said sharks. Don’t let those sharks scare you. Sharks are an amazing creature and the sharks we dive with are very docile.

Nurse shark in Cozumel

What are some of my favorite sites to dive? For a deep dive, 1st dive would be Palancar Gardens. This site has lots of large coral pinnacles and usually very little current. We have actually seen a Hammerhead on this dive once, probably never happen again. Other favorites are Palancar Bricks, Horseshoe, and Caves are nice dives as well. There are lots of swim-throughs and large pinnacles of corals as well.

For a nice shallow dive, Columbia Shallows is great. Enough fish life that it is like diving in an aquarium. We have seen nurse sharks, turtles, and Eagle Rays on this site. Santa Rosa Shallows, Yucab, Tormentos, Tunich, and Cedar Pass are good dives too.

C-53 Wreck in Cozumel

There is also the C-53 Wreck. It is a good dive, great for taking photos. Throughout the years this ship has been there, we have seen how much coral growth has multiplied on it. Sometimes you even get to see the submarine on this dive. However, sometimes the current can be way to strong on this dive.

If you have never been to Cozumel diving, I strongly urge you to book a trip soon. You won’t be disappointed.

Eagle Ray swimming off into the wild blue yonder in Cozumel waters

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