Dive Master Interview – Chuck Beaver

So I have been certified to dive for a year now and I’m still meeting new people who are involved with Extreme Sports Scuba. It’s been one heck of a fun journey learning about people and their diving styles and what got them involved in diving. Chuck Beaver happens to be one of the newest people I’ve met when it comes to divers involved with Extreme Sports Scuba. Earlier this month when we met up with Christ’s Community United Methodist Church Chuck was there and I finally got to meet a guy I’ve been seeing his picture on the Our Staff page. That gave me the perfect opportunity to interview Chuck for his Dive Master post. You’re never safe if I’m around apparently. haha! I told Chuck I’d grab a piece of paper and I’d be right back. I then proceeded to come back with my laptop since I had it with me. He teased me and told me that was the most interesting piece of paper he’d ever seen. Okay so what have I been telling you, the divers are extremely nice people and a lot of fun too. Now let’s proceed with Chuck’s interview, shall we?

How did you get started diving? You know, what made you want to jump in?
My son needed a buddy.
How long have you been diving?
20 years. How many dives do you make in a typical year?
These last couple of years haven’t been typical but… 800 dives in 20 years so that’d be about 40 would be an average.
What led you to pursue a Dive Master?
I was taught by PADI (shhh maybe we shouldn’t mention that). The instructor was always taking people out and I thought it would be fun to go with him. The more I went out I pursued being more educated and more helpful.

What other hobbies do you have besides diving?
Golfing, Fishing, and Reading, not necessarily in that order.
What is the best advice you can give to someone considering Scuba Diving?
Try it.
What advice can you give to a beginning diver?
Listen carefully to the instructor, don’t presume you know everything.
Where is your favorite place to dive?
What is your most comical dive experience?
In Florida, we were diving off a cattle boat. An English diver was with us and he jumped in and lost his weight belt. I got up and got it and he’s looking at JT going I think I lost my weight belt.  As he was coming up the ladder to end, he said, I think I lost my weight belt. In one dive I retrieved his weight belt twice.
And the last question: What would you recommend for a beginning divers first dive trip?

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