End of Year Wrap Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Here we are, quickly approaching the end of 2018. I think some people are excited and some people might be a little sad. But this chapter is almost written and we start with a blank page 12:00 a.m. January 1, 2019. Does that mean that you are ready to write your first day in to 2019 as a SCUBA diving entry? Don’t forget that we have the New Year’s Day Dive coming up quickly. And if you don’t want to dive into the water, at least come to the lake and socialize with us. We don’t bite, unless it’s food.

New Year’s Day Dive

If you are planning on diving on New Year’s Day, these are some things you want to remember to bring:

  • A dry suit or heavy mil wet suit.
  • hoods/gloves/dive socks.
  • Extra weight.
  • Your swimsuit if you’re wearing a wetsuit.
  • Fins, SCUBA Tank, Mask, regulator, BCD.
  • Be sure to call if you need to rent a wetsuit, SCUBA tank, or BCD.
  • Something warm for after the dive including your towel to dry off with.
  • And of course don’t forget your appetite.

Other Unfinished Business

Even though there are still 4 more days left to this year, I can tell you the top 10 blog posts this year. We’ve laughed at the number 1 blog post many times this year. It’s not that it’s a bad blog post, but I’m here to tell you there was No other contender with this post. It has been fun watching the blog posts unfold this year and I think we’ll continue this next year just to see what blog posts continue to thrive and share with you.

So I know you are all waiting in suspense… The number 1 Blog post for 2018 is….

The 2016 SCUBAPRO Hydros BC Review by yours truly

  1. 2016 – SCUBAPRO Hydros BC ReviewNicole Willoughby
  2. 2017 – Extreme Product Feature – Mantis M2 Personal Dive Computer – Nicole Willoughby
  3. 2018 – SCUBAPRO Seawing Nova Fins ReviewDeb Weston
  4. 2017 – Extreme Product Feature – Sewaing Nova Fin – Nicole Willoughby
  5. 2017 – Aluminum vs Steel Tanks – Nicole Willoughby
  6. 2018 – Dive Flag Rules per The Four State AreaGrady Weston
  7. 2018 – Underwater Statues Cozumel – Jacques Cousteau – Nicole Willoughby
  8. 2017 – Extreme Product Feature – Aladin H (Matrix) Dive Computer – Nicole Willoughby
  9. 2015 – Chili Cookoff Official Rules & Silent Auction Items – Nicole Willoughby
  10. 2016 – 10 Great Father’s Day Gifts for the SCUBA dad – Nicole Willoughby

And of course 2018 Honorable Mentions:


It’s always fun to make goals, right? I think the goal for our blog for next year year end should be to have more 2019 blog posts hit the top 10 year end. Help us with this goal because it takes you!!

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year. Bring on 2019!! And we’re all going to have to learn how to type 2019 because my fingers are trained for that 8…

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