Extreme 366 – Week 1

It’s a new year in case you didn’t notice. Last year, every Wednesday we did a diver interview post and met 52 of the wonderful divers who dive with Extreme Sports SCUBA. Now I know there are more of you out there than got interviewed, but there were times we struggled getting a weekly post up, so this year we plan on interviewing more divers but not 52 because YIKES!

So this year, we thought it could be fun to do a Project 365. In case you don’t know what that is, basically it is at least a photo a day for the entire year. I guess technically we should call it 366 since this is a Leap year.

These pictures will include events, day to day activities, products in the shop, people in the shop, the ideas are limitless. The pictures will run Wednesday through the following Tuesday and then be posted on Wednesday. So please come back every Wednesday to see the new post! And we hope you enjoy!

1 – 1.1.2016 – A New Year’s Day snooze on the way home from the Extreme Sports Scuba New Year’s Day dive at Beaver Lake.


Rachele Lord, Doug Lord, Grady Weston, & Deb Weston

2 – 1.2.2016 – The shop.

3 – 1.3.2016 – It’s all about the diving!

4 Р1.4.2016 РHave to document the workers .

Jared Weston

5 – 1.5.2015 – Again, it’s all about that diving! Take it in any form you can get it!

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