Extreme 366 – Week 2

Well this is supposed to be the Wednesday Meme but… We had such a fun post yesterday that please excuse the fact that this posted on Thursday! Hey… and did you catch the Tuesday post also? Just asking/checking.

6 – 1.6.2016 – It is Wednesday. That means Donut Day at the shop if Addison has anything to say about it. It is also Sweet Tea day…

7 – 1.7.2016 – If you’ve ever been to the shop, you’ve been greeted by this cutie. Say hello Pete!

8 – 1.8.2016 – If Addison is here, she might just rope you in to carrying her babies for her… Just ask Karen

9 – 1.9.2016 – Gray V-neck women’s t-shirt with SCUBAPRO logo – $12.00

10 – 1.10.2016 – Extreme Sports Scuba Logo Shirt with the new logo (last year new) – $5.00/Short sleeve t-shirt or $10.00/Long sleeve t-shirt

11 – 1.11.2016 – SCUBAPRO bling women’s shirt with frilly sleeves – $18.00

12 – 1.12.2016 – Doesn’t everyone walk around with a SCUBAPRO button on their bag and a purple fin?

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