Extreme 366 – Week 37

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Seems like there are days when I have them for being “late” on getting this posted. And (just for you Kim) while I’m not real late, it is later in the morning posting this than normal. This morning I ran to the CP Center over in Webb City as they were doing an interview for the television (like that.. the television) tonight. I think I heard Channel 7 but I know for sure Channel 16 because he was there filming when I got there. The Channel 16 guy (I didn’t catch his name) said that it would air in the second half of the 6 o’clock news cast probably. Key word, probably. So there is my excuse and I’m sticking with it. In other news, the official date of the Newton County Christmas for Kids Chili Cookoff has been set… drum roll please… October 22, 2016. Mark that date on your calendars and plan to attend. There are some new features this year, but that will all be revealed at a sooner but later time. See, there’s your info you didn’t know for today… in fact 2 pieces of information… the CP Center will be in the news tonight (it involves the Cerebral Palsy Center, Ed’s Electric, CED Electric, and the Missouri Governor’s Mounted Guard) and the Newton County Christmas for Kids date has been set. And on that note, I’m outta here.

251 – 9.7.2016 – Donut day, it’s Donut Day. It really is the little things!

252 – 9.8.2016 – Some days you just have to escape the real world and have a little play time….

253 – 9.9.2016 – The boss is on a mission!

254 – 9.10.2016 – Make sure you’re watching the blog and Facebook for upcoming classes! This one is September 27!!

255 – 9.11.2016 – Never Forget! Where were you on this fateful day? 15 years ago. Here is a reality check, kids who are less that 15 years old weren’t even alive with the Twin Towers collapsed.

256 – 9.12.2016 – One way to know fall is approaching, watch the sky! 

257 – 9.13.2016 – Thanks to Dan La Due, we’re getting some new artwork in at the shop.. come check them out. And yes, this is Grady’s fire extinguisher he dives with… (his pony bottle. It’s a joke from the February Cozumel Trip)

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