Extreme 366 – Week 38

Wow, if ever there was a day of procrastination on my part. I got side tracked looking at Halloween decor/DIY projects as well as hair colorings. Yes, you read that correctly, hair colorings. Like high lights and low lights and hair cuts, etc. I don’t understand it. Anyway, did you know that we’re quickly approaching the month of October? So what does October bring? Well it brings Grady’s Birthday, the 19th Annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving, the Chili Cookooff and Silent Auction for Newton County Firefighters Christmas for Kids, as well as Halloween, hence looking at DIY decor projects for Halloween. At that, I guess I’ll leave you with this weeks photos and I’ll go back to daydreaming about being artsy and crafty because I’m really not.

258 – 9.14.2016 – Did you see the Sky on Wednesday night?

259 – 9.15.2016 – While people are thinking that fall is approaching, we’re not finished with SCUBA classes just yet.

260 – 9.16.2016 – Seriously, these skies. Fall is quickly approaching!

261 – 9.17.2016 – A Red Coater friend came to visit Grady and Dan and they were off “gallivanting”

262 – 9.18.2016 – If you think the skies are beautiful at night, check out this morning sky. When I looked out the window the sky looked like it was on fire. By the time I got out to get the picture though, it wasn’t quite on fire but it was GORGEOUS. Then the clouds “ate” the sun and I never caught the actual sunrise.

263 – 9.19.2016 – Creepy crawly things that go bump in the night. Okay, so he wasn’t happen when I walked by and accidentally knocked him off the railing to get out of the pool….

264 – 9.20.2016 – Late summer evenings (because Fall doesn’t officially start until Thursday) are for kicking back and relaxing!

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