Extreme 366 – Week 39

I saw this post on Facebook yesterday morning and had to giggle. In fact, it stuck with me and I thought I would share it with you, even though today is Wednesday, not Tuesday….

Dear Tuesday,

I broke up with Monday for similar behavior problems. Just saying.


Had Enough

The signed “Had Enough” reminded me of a Dear Abbey post you used to see in the paper or something like that. And I’m not about to debate politics here, I promise, but I also saw a funny on Facebook last night that said….






If nothing else, maybe I added a bit of humor to your Wednesday. That’s what my intention was anyway! Okay, any words of wisdom I can leave you with, because we all need to learn something, right… um……. Don’t eat yellow snow. ha! That’s more of a tip than wisdom though. Sorry, that’s what you get today…. Okay, wisdom, I have some for you. While the weather is a high of 73˚ and sunny here in beautiful Joplin, Missouri, today… The weather in Cozumel, Mexico, is supposed to be a high of 87˚ and cloudy with a 20% chance of rain. There you go. Lots of love, now on to pictures!

265 – 9.21.2016 – What do you do on Wednesday’s? Well, we learn to eat with Chop sticks . Note: If I had to eat with Chop sticks all the time, I would be skinny, or else I’d eat with my fingers. I guess last resort would be I’d actually learn and do well at it….. Just a thought.

266 – 9.22.2016 – It’s so much fun to look around and see where SCUBA diving shows up. This was on a Children’s menu at Olive Garden. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed it as much as I have, but the world of SCUBA diving is represented in many places. Keep your eyes open! It is out there!

267 – 9.23.2016 – The Chili Cookoff and Silent auction is quickly approaching. We would like to send out a heartfelt Thank You to everyone who has donated thus far, and if you intend to, please do so and Thank you! All donations are appreciated! Then mark your calendar for October 22, 2016 to attend the Chili Cookoff with your Chili or non-chili item as well as come bid on the fabulous things that are in the silent auction. Remember, this is a fundraiser for Newton County Christmas for Kids! The kids are the real winners!

268 – 9.24.2016 – We have new Kayak’s in. Check out these bad boys. Who wants one for Christmas? Now is the perfect time to start planning, and I know we haven’t had Halloween or Thanksgiving, but I’m just throwing these ideas out there for you right now.

269 – 9.25.2016 – Grady put the apron that Shirley Mann gave him to good use at Sunday’s football game. And by the way, the Chiefs beat the New York Jets 24 to 3. Go Chiefs. And if you’re not a Chiefs fan, we can’t be friends…. joking, joking, kinda .

270 – 9.26.2016 – Congratulations Chuck Beaver on your Assistant Instructor! In case you didn’t see it on Facebook, Chuck Beaver just became the newest Assistant Instructor for Extreme Sports Scuba!

271 – 9.27.2016 – Thank you to Deb Allison for being the model for the Showcase for KODE

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