Extreme 366 – Week 4

If you have followed this blog any at all, you’ll know a couple things about the blogger (that’s me….): 1) I am the blogger . 2) I have written this blog since September 2013. 3) I am working on my Master’s degree in English. 4) I did my internship here last spring (wow that seems like a long time ago!). 5) Apparently I know how to write/type/talk (if you’ve ever spoken with me). So even though this blog isn’t about ME… you have learned those key bits and pieces through the years. Well this spring semester I’m in a Memoir writing class. The professor has us writing journals and he told us the more we write, the better our grade basically. So the first journal entry I turned in, I had 11 or 12 pages, it is double spaced keep in mind, but it was 11 or 12 pages. Yesterday in class he told me I write a lot of s*** (meaning stuff, not in a bad sense).

Okay anyway I just had to share for those of you who know me. I thought it was funny… although I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or a bad thing. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I did get all the points! Score. Now on to the photos of week 4.

20 – 1.20.2016 – Happy Birthday Drake! Look who is road official too! (aka he got his drivers license)

21 – 1.21.2016 – Some days you just need a nap.

22 – 1.22.2016 – I’m not sure any of us could dive off a tank this size .

23 – 1.23.2016 – Equipment Maintenance Seminar. Make sure your equipment is properly maintained to get a full life out of your scuba gear!

24 – 1.24.2016 – Come see us today at Meadobrook Mall in Pittsburg at the boat show.

25 – 1.25.2016 – Three used aluminum 80 tanks, all new hydros & vis, $140 each. Buy more than one and get a better deal! Come see us!!

26 – 1.26.2016 – New SCUBAPRO fins in stock. Jet Fins in Camo for $134.

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