Extreme 366 – Week 40

Have you noticed that when you start looking at something, i.e. a car, that particular type car shows up a lot of places. No? Just me? The reason I ask is because now that I’m involved in this world of SCUBA diving I’ve noticed it in a lot of places. The most recent was a commercial for some resort down in the Caribbean. I just think it is funny and interesting how things appear when you’re looking. Makes me wonder how many times in my life prior to pursing SCUBA diving I might have seen SCUBA and not paid attention. Just a thought. In other news, it is fall. Do you know how I know this? It’s hurricane season. That’s really not the only way I know, but I got an alert on my phone last night about this hurricane. Then I was talking to Deb this morning and two of our dive family are down in Curaçao, which Deb informed me is near Bonaire and right now Bonaire is taking a beating from the hurricane. Be sure to keep them in your thoughts and prayers! I also saw on Facebook this morning from a friend in Georgia, she and her husband are opening up their house to friends in the state for relief as the coast of Georgia is doing evacuations right now also. Welcome Fall. In the Fall we hear about Hurricanes and in the Spring we hear about Tornadoes. That has always made me wonder if Europe has the extreme weather we have? I’ve never been nor have I really ever heard. If anyone knows, please share with me. And on that note, I’m outta here! Happy Week 40. Remember tomorrow night is Dive Club Meeting and Sunday is the Underwater Pumpkin Carving!

272 – 9.28.2016 – So this may not have anything to do with SCUBA diving persay, but… the Newton County Christmas for Kids Chili Cookoff and Silent Auction is just around the corner and a lot of our divers are involved! So see, it works!

273 – 9.29.2016 – Stoking the fire to keep the water warm in the pool. Pool classes are still going in full force!

274 – 9-30-2016 – The winner of this Kayak from the Waterfestival at the Audubon center. The cool thing about this is he’s a volunteer from there!

275 – 10.1.2016 – Amanda Garrett, one of the new students who certified on Sunday modeling how you put a wetsuit on backwards. I think she rocks it, what do you think?

276 – 10.2.2016 – Shirley Mann and Ed Brewer are currently in Curaçao diving this week. That gives me an opportunity to steal pictures from Shirley’s facebook and share with you. This is a Puffer Fish!

277 – 10.3.2016 – And this Lionfish. How gorgeous is this Lionfish? Thank you Ed and Shirley for allowing me to steal this picture even though I didn’t ask first. This is my way of asking now .

278 – 10.4.2016 – Deb Allison, aka Scuba Deb, attending her first SCUBA class while shooting the latest business Showcase for Extreme Sports.

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