Extreme 366 – Week 42

Since I have creative reins on this here blog, I thought this week we would devote our pictures to the Newton County Christmas for Kids Chili Cookoff and Silent Auction. Is that okay with you? I hope so because I’m doing it anyway. Remember that the Newton County Christmas for Kids is a non-profit organization run solely on donations to help make a better Christmas for the less fortunate kids of Newton County and that’s where we come in… and we as in all of us. Those who volunteer time, donations, presents, money, whatever. This morning KSN was here doing a news story on our organization and they interviewed Dan La Due as he’s part of one of the organizations involved. They asked him how he feels helping and I liked his answer and bear with me as I paraphrase but he said he gets goosebumps every year he helps make a better Christmas for children. I like that. And because Lee Lake is messing with me… I guess I’ll leave you with pictures now. Blame him.

286 – 10.12.2016 – John Deere Blanket

287 – 10.13.2016 – Chili Cookoff Rules

288 – 10.14.2016 – Non-Chili Cookoff Rules

289 – 10.15.2016 – Check out this hair basket

290 – 10.16.2016 – Kansas City Chiefs Fans, this is calling your name.

291 – 10.17.2016 – Pecan Pies waiting for you to come bid on them!

292 – 10.18.2016 – Look at this Barn quit. This thing is AWESOME!

And these aren’t the only things we have so far for the Silent Auction portion. Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow, like, share the updates!!! Let’s make this year the best yet!

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