Extreme 366 – Week 43

Holy cow holy cow… Week 43? Really!?!? I’m so caught off guard by that that I was having trouble typing. My fingers weren’t cooperating. Next week is Halloween. I’ve seen on facebook where people are wanting to “Hurt” people who listen to Christmas music before Halloween and then incorporate them into Halloween decorations. I guess I would be in a Halloween decoration because I listen to Christmas music year round. I like Christmas music because it promotes Happiness and Feeling good (like the little boy who wanted to buy his momma a pair of shoes). With the way this world is going… I like the feel good music. This world is a little depressing, especially right now with all the hatred that is revolving around this upcoming election. A lot of bridges are being burned by friends because of different political views. It’s sad and scary. Yes, this is a heated election, yes I know who I’m voting for, but in the end, I can be friends with people who have a different opinion than I do. That’s okay. And I’m really not trying to be preachy… just saying. Anyway, moving on…. So how about them Yankees? There was a guy who used to always ask me that, every morning when I was in high school. I always responded with, How about them Bears. One day some guys who sat behind us overheard this conversation, they asked me, You know he’s talking Baseball. Yes. And you’re responding Football. Yes. And they looked confused. That conversation went on for an entire year. In another class that same year or maybe the next, one of the guys found out my first name was Tiffany and started singing “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to me. Another guy joined in. Finally after this happening 6 or 8 times, the second guy who joined in asked why they always sang me that song. I explained about my first name and that became a tradition the rest of the school year. Anyway now that we’ve covered a lot of topics in a short time period… Let’s look at some pictures.

293 – 10.19.2016 – Dan La Due representing Newton County Rescue and Recovery for an interview on KSN about the 4th Annual Chili Cookoff and Silent Auction.

294 – 10.20.2016 – One of the cool donation items for the Silent Auction

295 – 10.21.2016 – Getting ready for 4th Annual Chili Cookoff and Silent auction.

296 – 10.22.2016 – The Winners of the Chili Cookoff and Non-Chili Cookoff

297 – 10.23.2016 – You’re in Chiefs Nation. This is the Breast Cancer Awareness Chiefs home game.

298 – 10.24.2016 – It isn’t time to put up dive gear just yet… Open Water classes are still in full swing.

299 – 10.25.2016 – You never know what you’ll find sitting around waiting to be used….

Is it scary that today, Wednesday the 26th is day 300 of the year? That means there are only 66 mores days left to 2016. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

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