Extreme 366 – Week 44

The second day of November and the high today is….. currently 73 but supposed to be 78. I read yesterday that in Tahoe they’re receiving record snows and I also saw that up in Michigan they’re getting snow, but yesterday in Chicago it was still in the mid 70’s. This weather is crazy, right? There is a deal going around Facebook that says this winter will be terrible, but then when you research it, it is dated either 2012 or 2014… I forget which now. So just goes to show you, make sure you know what you’re reading. Looking at our future forecast, break out those parkas, we’re going to hit low 70’s by the end of the week and 60’s by next week. LOL. That is my attempt to be funny. If you didn’t catch it, Grady was on the news on Monday night representing Christmas for Kids and Deb informed me that we’ll have another segment on KSN but I’m not sure when or what it is about. I’m good for a lot aren’t I? I guess fire the blogger is in order… haha. I guess with all of that said, we’re off to the downhill slide of the week… whee!

300 – 10.26.2016 – Did you catch the cool/weird/freaky clouds that went by just as the storm blew in? This was our view from the front door.

301 – 10.27.2016 – This weather. It’s gorgeous. Perfect for diving… oh and this is one of the many sleeping positions of Riley.

302 – 10.28.2016 – Just in for Christmas… make sure to come get yours. And we can help you with the “hiding’ of Christmas presents if necessary.

303 – 10.29.2016 – Our booth set up for the Boyscouts.

304 – 10.30.2016 – It’s fall. Did you know that?

305 – 10.31.2016 – Happy Halloween! No, the candy bucket wasn’t sitting alone, but sure makes you wonder… haha.

306 – 11.1.2016 – Grady being interviewed by KSN for the news report.

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