Extreme 366 – Week 45

Here’s an interesting thought…. This week was Week 45 and we just elected the 45th president of the United States. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Just thought I’d point that out. I saw a statement on Facebook, you know the go to place for news and entertainment… LOL… that no matter what the outcome of the election was last night, we’d all wake up this morning and go on with our routine. Interesting thought. Now, who is ready for Christmas music? Oh wait, don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Thanksgiving. Did you realize that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away? Holy COW! I’m ready to stuff my belly… where are those stretchy pants? Speaking of those “stretchy pants” I can’t help but think about one of my favorite scenes from one of my all time favorite TV shows, Friends. Joey comes walking in in a pair of maternity pants that were for Pheobe and calls them his turkey pants.

Of course, then I also think about the turkey on Monica and Joey’s head in the one Thanksgiving episode.

Yes, I own all 10 seasons of Friends. Yes, I have watched them all more than once. I even watched the directors commentary, which gives insight into the show and here’s one interesting thing… to me anyway… all episodes that take place in just the apartment with potential flashbacks to other episodes are because they were running short on money for that particular episode. That was their way of saving some money on an episode. And seeing as though you all probably aren’t Friends aficionados like I am I’ll quit, but did you like the way I bypassed all the political talk? Cool right. ha! I guess with that we’ll move on to this weeks photos and remember that Friday is Veteran’s Day! Thank you to all who have served this great country!

307 – 11.2.2016 – Working on Homemade Chicken and Noodles for November Dive Club Meeting.

308 – 11.3.2016 – Important meetings of future divers during the November Dive Club Meeting.

309 – 11.4.2016 – Working on great promotions through KSN TV. Watch Facebook and check in with us to keep up-to-date on what we’re working on!

310 – 11.5.2016 – Have you booked your trip for February? Remember, it’s the best time of year to go because it’s cold and nasty here and the water is 81˚F roughly there.

311 – 11.6.2016 – We are 49 days away from Christmas. Remember to keep these kids in mind when buying gifts!

312 – 11.7.2016 – 25th Anniversary Edition waiting for you NOW at Extreme Sports Scuba. Come see us for your copy!

313 – 11.8.2016 – Hopefully you did your Civic Duty and Voted!

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