Extreme 366 – Week 46

I hope you were paying attention to Facebook last week and noticed that we have a new joker that is here at the shop. I’d like to introduce you, but he still doesn’t have a name. That’s why we had a naming contest from Wednesday through Sunday last week. Today pay attention because we’re going to release the nominees for his name. We want you to vote! Please help name our mystical creature who showed up from Santa’s Workshop. He’ll be here through Christmas and possibly make guest appearances throughout the year so you’ll have to watch for him! He just wants to report to Santa who is being naughty and who is being nice. I sure hope I’m on that Nice list!! How about you? But first… a name. He needs a name! So this week’s photos were pretty much taken over by this mystery man. Lots of love!

314 – 11.9.2016 – Meet our newest member!

315 – 11.10.2016 – He’s just hanging around for the holiday season.

316 – 11.11.2016 – Before he leaves I’m sure he’ll be SCUBA certified. He really likes this wetsuit!

317 – 11.12.2016 – Check out these things for the Chiefs/SCUBA bus. Any ideas what they’ll do with them?

318 – 11.13.2016 – It’s Sunday! Happy Sunday!

319 – 11.14.2016 – He’s going after the big guns!

320 – 11.15.2016 – These are his pick for his fins for his diving certification. What fins do you choose?

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