Extreme 366 – Week 47

How on earth did we get to the 4th week of November so fast? Weren’t we just diving the New Year’s Day dive… and by we I mean not me because I’m a wimp when it comes to cold. Just clarifying. I was there, but I wasn’t about to dive. Okay Okay, maybe I won’t say wasn’t about to because I eat a lot of crow in my life. I wonder where that phrase came from… you know, that moment when you’re dead set on something that you’re not going to do and then you wind up doing it… eating crow. When people ask me what my favorite holiday is, I can’t really answer that because I like all holidays but if you ask me what my favorite time of year is, while I’m a summer girl, I LOVE LOVE the time around Thanksgiving through New Years. The movies, the feeling in the air, the decorations, all of it and the month I hate the worst is January, sorry January. So what is your favorite time of year? Speaking of fourth week of November and this time of year, did you know tomorrow is Thanksgiving? If not, what rock have you been living under?. How do you plan on making your turkey this year? i might have to come crash your party… haha. I prefer mine smeared in butter and herbs and wrapped in bacon, but sadly that’s not how we’re doing our turkey this year. bummer. Truthfully, I’m not totally sure what we have planned for our turkey, but this is that moment when I bring up turkeys. Hopefully if you bought a frozen bird you started defrosting that sucker on Monday or else you might still have a frozen bird on your dinner table. I think my favorite tv show episodes revolving aroud Thanksgiving happen to be the Friends Thanksgiving episodes. Although I watched Tuesday night’s The Middle and that was funny. Their neighbors used their oven to bake all their foods and well… if I tell you what happens I’ll spoil it so note: spoiler allert! They ate the insides while leaving the beautiful outsides and when the Donohoughs went to eat, there wasn’t anything, including meat on the turkey. Or what about the Full House Thanksgiving episode I saw last night on Nick at Nite… DJ went to make her first turkey and didn’t know you had to defrost it so Danny tried to pay someone $200 for theirs so they didn’t offend DJ and Joey got his tongue stuck in a bottle, don’t know how that happened. So I guess I’m quite chatty today but maybe I should hush so you can see this weeks pictures because that’s obviously what you came here for. Happy Thanksgiving!

321 – 11.16.2016 –  Will someone please come help me use this Kayak. I’m a little too small…..

322 – 11.17.2016 – I’m just hanging around, waiting for my name…. Help please!

323 – 11.18.2016 – Cozumel! I want to go to Cozumel. Please, I pack up nicely in a suitcase!

324 – 11.19.2016 – This dive computer is awesome. I hear there are some great deals on it this weekend too! Be sure to come meet me in person on Friday and Saturday to get your big deals!!

325 – 11.20.2016 – It’s Game Day! It’s Game Day!

326 – 11.21.2016 – This is the public service announcement that you should be defrosting your turkey NOW!

327 – 11.22.2016 – We’ve been hinting about this… It’s coming up ASAP, maybe even as early as Friday. Be sure to watch Facebook or better yet, come see us and get involved. Plus you can get your great deals going on Black Friday & Small Business Saturday!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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