Extreme 366 – Week 49

Were you worried that I had forgotten to write the post for this week? Well fear not, I didn’t forget, I just thought I’d try something and write it in the afternoon. See if more people would read. Just a little experiment. Since I like to pass of interesting information… I’m using Firefox for my browser (Google Chrome and I are having issues and might be breaking up… haha). Firefox has a search engine box up at the top next to the http address bar in case you didn’t know that. In my search box is the word derriere. It can’t help but make me wonder why in the world I was talking about a derriere. Aren’t you glad I shared that information with you? Well here’s another piece, if you like Christmas music and have Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 17 is playing round the clock Christmas music as is channel 58. In my opinion 58 is better because it’s all country where the other isn’t, although I do love some Frank Sinatra and others. I have Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album on my phone, that’s why I called him out specifically. Michael Buble is always a good choice too, but he and his wife recently got some bad news. One of their kids was diagnosed with cancer so you might keep their family in your prayers. He’s cancelled all concerts indefinitely until his family is well. That is the news I have on this cold Fall day. Remember, we don’t actually hit “winter” until December 21, 2016. And I was just told I mispelled my last name so that means I need to run.

335 – 11.30.2016 – Getting the meat ready for November Dive Club

336 – 12.1.2016 – I got asked this week what we did at Dive Club. I said we eat. They asked what else we did. I responded eat. I think that sums it up, don’t you think?

337 – 12.2.2016 – It is the time of the year for Christmas Parties. Tonight was the Ed’s Christmas Party.

338 – 12.3.2016 – Dan La Due went diving with sharks at the Atlanta Aquarium.

339 – 12.4.2016 – And while hanging out in Atlanta, Dan and Carlene along with some other Kansas City Chiefs friends went to the Atlanta /Kansas City game. By the way, in case you didn’t know, Kansas City won! Go Chiefs.

340 – 12.5.2016 – This ornament. That’s all. The blogger really loves this particular ornament.

341 – 12.6.2016 – This is the 4th tree I helped decorate. Isn’t she a beauty?

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