Extreme 366 – Week 50

Last night our SCUBAPRO Rep Scott was here. By the end of the evening I think he was ready to leave us and head home as quickly as possible. We laughed. We giggled. We may have made inappropriate comments. We may have embarrassed people. We may have done a lot of things, but we also got to see some of the new SCUBAPRO product line and boy is there a lot of good stuff instore. Remember, Christmas is just around the corner… almost literally, but not quite…. So if you haven’t told Santa all the SCUBA gear that you’d like for Christmas, I’d find his phone number and call him. They say during the Christmas season that the parcel picks up and takes longer to deliver, so if you’re worried, just call Santa. I’ve seen his number. It exists. I haven’t called it but supposedly you can call it and speak to the big Jolly man. As we speak there are 1 1/2 more Wednesday’s, 2 more Thursday’s, 2 more Friday’s, 2 more Saturday’s, and 1 Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. That’s all that is left of this Christmas season. Someone please hand me a tissue because I might start crying. I love this time of year and sadly hate January. I’ll apologize again to January. Poor January gets the short end of the stick. Although I do have to question and wonder why people equate Snowmen to Christmas because in our part of the country at least, we get snow in January, February, and sometimes even March… not so much in December. Maybe a light dusting but that’s about it. So just a question I have. Someone please explain to me. And on that note, I’m out!

342 – 12.7.2016 – If you like snow… you were in luck. If you don’t, you were still in luck. This was pretty much the extent of it although I hear there is more predicted later this week.

343 – 12.8.2016 – It was a Thursday night game. Chiefs beat Oakland Raiders making them number in AFC West

344 – 12.9.2016 – Scuby is just hanging out. Have you been in to meet him yet?

345 – 12.10.2016 – Scuby is back from the North Pole and said that you need to tell Santa what you want for Christmas ASAP!

346 – 12.11.2016 – I always think it is interesting to see where I can find the sport of SCUBA diving promoted. This was a magazine promoting it for retirement.

347 – 12.12.2016 – Are you interested in this signed Football? Get in to the shop now and purchase your ticket! The signatures include #11 Alex Smith, #87 Travis Kelce, #5 Cairo Santos, #92 Dontari Poe, #19 Jeremy Maclin, #56 Derrick Johnson, #32 Spencer Ware, #42 Anthony Sherman, #38 Ron Parker, #71 Mitchelle Swartz, Shawn Barber, Dave Lindstrom, and Will Shields. All signatures were acquired during the Chiefs Kingdom Radio Show 2016.

348 – 12.13.2016 – We might have “stolen” Scott’s watch… Don’t worry, it’s not really stolen and like I mentioned before, I think he was ready to hop on a Jet Plane and head back to the Pacific Northwest. We were also the last stop on his tour de Missouri so that might have been another reason he was ready to head home… That’s what we’ll keep telling oursevles anyway.

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