Extreme 366 – Week 52

We made it.. This is the first day of 2017 and we posted 366 photos in 2016. Whew! Today was also the New Year’s Day dive. I heard the water temperature was about 50˚F. Did the blogger dive? Heck no! but we had 10 divers brave the cold plus we ran into the Benton County Dive Team. I would like to say our youngest diver, Calder La Due, is 10 years old and he completed his SCUBA certification, we had 2 female divers, Rachele Lord and Tiffany Hayworth. Tiffany decided to sing a pretty note to us when her head hit the water in the soprano range followed by a “religious prayer.” Three newer divers, Sonny Johnson, Ryan Paul, and Logan Montgomery, came to brave the cold. And the rest of us stayed dry on land. Dan La Due said he wanted to kick the guy who decided he should dive every month in the head… but he can’t kick that high. Now, if you are keeping count, I’ve only accounted for 7 of our 10 divers. The other three consisted of Doug Lord, Chris Parrish, and Dan Hayworth. I am at a loss for words to describe those three. But I know you came here to see the last 9 photos of the year. By the way, we’ve been scheming and planning for what the post will be about next year and we have a good one for you… so stay tuned and come see what else we have in store for next year. Oh wait, this year, we’re in 2017 NOW! Happy New Year!

358 – 12.23.2016 – Pete is giving someone the Evil eye, I just hope it wasn’t me!!

359 – 12.24.2016 – Merry Christmas from our Family to yours!

360 – 12.25.2016 – While it might be Christmas, it was also a Chiefs Home Game. Go Chiefs! And they won against the Denver Broncos 33 to 10. Go Chiefs!

361 – 12.26.2016 – A beautiful sunset at the end of December.

362 – 12.27.2016 – We may or may not be Chiefs fans around these parts….

363 – 12.28.2016 – We were scheming for next year’s weekly post. Stay tuned to find out! It’s a good one!!

364 – 12.29.2016 – Getting ready for the New Year’s Day Dive. Cheers!

365 – 12.30.2016 – Leo is ready for some Chiefs ball game… he’s just a couple days early. Go Chiefs!

366 – 12.31.2016 – The last day of the year, Great time to dive, just ask Dan La Due and Chris Parrish

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