Extreme 366 – Week 6

So, PSA for this week, Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Just remember to buy your sweetheart something to show how much you love them. Hmmm…. Now I need to go to the store . Last night was a Try it Tuesday. All last summer when we were doing the Children’s Camp I had to send Dan La Due reminders that it was Wednesday. Yesterday he sent me one saying it was a Try it Tuesday and I responded with it’s Tuesday not Wednesday. Just helping keep him on track of the days. I’m good for things like that, as long as I remember what day it is . So we have a group of people leaving for Cozumel Friday. Are you one of them or are you like me and one of the jealous folks? Either way you’re in good company. If you are headed to Cozumel, please have a safe trip and make sure to post pictures to facebook so we can all drool over the views! Happy Wednesday!

34 – 2.3.2016 – It’s never to early to start collecting Christmas tree ornaments. I’ve been searching for a diver for a couple years and finally someone found me one, thank you Dan La Due!

35 – 2.4.2016 – February Dive Club Meeting. Christine Cawley has the best sweatshirts!

36 – 2.5.2016 – We’re in to February, have you gotten your Extreme Sports Calendar yet? By the way, have you thought about how you say the word February? Some people pronounce if Feb-ru-rary and others pronounce it Feb-U-wary. I am the later, how about you?

37 – 2.6.2016 – The sun feels warm with these cold winds!

38 – 2.7.2016 – The suits are ready for Cozumel. Are you going or are you jealous?

39 – 2.8.2016 – Does this remind you of a lifeguard whistle?

40 – 2.9.2016 – Try it Tuesday. Were you there? Did you bring friends to try? Did you get your gear wet? We had quite the turn out!

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