Extreme Diver Interview – Boomer Baugh

April showers bring May flowers. Remember that if you’re complaining about this refreshing rain. And while you’re at it, remember that any and all showers bring water for diving! It’s always best to approach that with a positive attitude! I personally like the rain, it makes the grass grow which feeds the cows and I’m not a vegetarian. But that is totally getting off topic. Rain makes water for diving and this happens to be Wednesday which means… dut da dah, time for another Diver Interview. Now while reading this interview note that Boomer Baugh had help from Lee Lake and Jared Weston… keep that in the back of your mind with some of these answers! Now let me introduce to you Boomer Baugh. Everyone Boomer, Boomer Everyone .

How did you get started diving?

I don’t know, I got in the water.  Pokey and Aerielle Cupp invited me to a Try it Tuesday.

How long have you been diving?

May 2014

How many dives do you make in a typical year?

Not enough. I’ll work on that.

What other hobbies do you have?

Gardening, flower arranging, cooking, cake decorating, quilting…. Okay…. Trail riding, that works.

Where is your favorite place to dive?

I haven’t been diving all that long but I’d like to dive in an irrigation lagoon. But to answer the question Mermet Springs.

What is your most comical dive experience?

All of them, it’s all been fun. (Jared: With Boomer everything is comical)

What is your occupation?

Jack of all trades, master of none.

Words of wisdom/tips or tricks for fellow divers?

Just have fun, learn the most you can. Don’t panic.

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