Extreme Diver Interview – Gary Lassley

When I started looking for people to interview Dan La Due told me I needed to interview Gary Lassley because he was “responsible” for a bunch of people getting in to diving, especially with Extreme Sports Scuba. The list includes but not limited to: Rhonda Lassley, Dan La Due, Carlene La Due, Jason La Due, Danielle La Due, Amy La Due, Emma La Due, Kim Brungard, Pokey Cupp, Aerielle Cupp, Mark Willoughby, Boomer Baugh, Tori Willoughby, Tucker Cupp, Megan Shafer, and Me. Whew… out of all those people, only one hasn’t been interviewed, Megan, I’m coming for you. ha! Anyway Don’t you think it’s about time to meet this guy? I mean we all might have eventually wound up scuba diving anyway, but because of word of mouth spread between all of us, we got here sooner (but not soon enough!). So let’s meet Gary Lassley!

How did you get started diving?

A friend of mine at work was a scuba diver and he got me involved and got my lessons. Then I took a trip to Cozumel with him and other co workers and I was hooked.

How long have you been diving?


How many dives do you make in a typical year?


What other hobbies do you have?

Hiking in the Wichita Mountains.

Where is your favorite place to dive?


What is your most comical dive experience?

The first time I took Dan (La Due) diving. I had been diving for a couple years and we were at the lake. I talked Dan into going down 5-10-15 feet with me and breathe off my octo. He freaked out and came to the surface. Carlene told me it’d be a cold day in h-e-double hockey sticks before I could convince her to dive.

What is your occupation?

Regional Manager for an electric and utility company.

Words of wisdom/tips or tricks for fellow divers?

When you try to get someone interested in diving, tease them. Give them a little bitty bit and they’ll come around on their own. If you force them they’ll never do it. Don’t let someone try it in the lake, try it in a swimming pool.

Diving is one of those sports that you can do at 100 years old if you wanted to.

One last thought fro Gary: For more trash on Dan La Due, call Gary Lassley

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