Extreme Diver Interview – Tiffany Hayworth

Happy Wednesday! Just a reminder, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day so make sure you get your sweetie something to let them know he/she is special to you! You’re welcome! I just didn’t want you to have to sleep on the couch because you forgot! So speaking of Sweetie, last week we interviewed Dan Hayworth, well today I have a special treat for you, his sweetie Tiffany. Now I hope that all of you enjoy reading these interviews as much as I’ve enjoyed conducting them and let me tell you I laughed and laughed and laughed while interviewing Tiffany, Rachele Lord almost choked, Aerielle Cupp tried to fall out of her seat and Doug Lord, well he was the only guy in the room, let’s just leave him as the innocent bystander. Also a lot of inside jokes came out of this interview, but we’ll leave it at that. So without further adu, here’s Tiffany!

How did you get started diving?

I was sitting on the side of the road. I was hitch hiking on my way to Cassville and they felt sorry for me. Okay seriously, the family all wanted a new hobby and thought it would be fun. We didn’t realize we’d gain a whole other family. We went into Extreme Sports Scuba and just felt at home.

How long have you been diving?

Can I get my card out? Can I phone a friend? Hey Dan [Hayworth], how long have we been diving? I’m going to guess 3 years.

How many dives do you make in a typical year?

As many as we can. We go to the lake as much as we can.

What other hobbies do you have?

I like to craft, cook, spend time on pinterest and camping (and diving) with the family.

Where is your favorite place to dive?


What is your most comical dive experience?

In Cozumel when Grady emptied his wetsuit on my leg. We’ll leave it at that. Or when I learned what holding Grady’s hand underwater really meant.

What is your occupation?

Publishing Specialist.

Words of wisdom/tips or tricks for fellow divers?

Always choose the right dive partner, one that has the same desires when you go down. Example: Dan [Hayworth] just wants to take his time (and stop) and I just want to go.

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