Extreme-ly Famous!

Somedays it is fun to play with the titles, today was one of those days. Why on earth would I entitle it Extremely Famous (or Extreme-ly)? Well Extreme Sports Scuba has been represented multiple times through Dive Training Magazine. Our dive shop, here in the middle of the US has been representing the Dive Experience which is GREAT!

January 2016 edition – Doug & Rachele Lord with the Executive Editor Cathryn Castle at Turks and Caicos.

December 2015 edition – Doug & Rachele Lord with an “Unidentified Blue Creature”

November 2015 edition – John and Nelda Patrick, Doug & Rachele Lord, Shirley Mann & Ed Brewer with divemaster Maynor in Roatán

And….. in January 2016 Mark Willoughby & Doug Lord made the Home page of Dive Training Magazine for diving at Beaver Lake

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