Extreme Product Feature – 3mil Headband

You guys saw the storm blow through Monday night, right? When I walked out the door yesterday morning to run to the barn and let horses out, I thought I was going to freeze. I should probably mention I went out in shorts and a t-shirt… not thinking it would be that chilly outside. Dang!

So I would say Fall is upon us, what do you think? We also know that Fall means that our diving slows down some, right? But there are two, yes two really big events that take place during the fall and winter months. One is the Underwater Pumpkin Carving and the Second is the New Year’s Day Dive. Of course, then if you want to add diving every month, join Dan La Due.

A lot of us are in agreeance though… we don’t like hoods. They just aren’t our thing. So about a year ago or so now, Deb showed me the 3mil Headband. I even made a joke as to how you wear it…

but truthfully, it is a great addition to keeping heat in your head and ears without wearing a hood. Chuck Beaver volunteered to tell us about these headbands as he dove with one at Mermet Springs this year, so today’s blog post brought to you by Chuck Beaver.

3 mil Head Band

I hate a hood! How many times have you thought that or heard that? SCUBAPRO has the solution. We tested the 3mil Headband last month while at Mermet Springs. A couple of us tried the headband out and liked it. In fact, we liked it so well we sold 2 while we were there. I went down a couple days early and called back to have Deb and Grady bring some with them.

It covers your ears well. It’s really good for cool water and doesn’t bother your neck like a hooded vest. It comes in two sizes, small/medium and large/extra large. Plus, it comes in eight colors so you can outfit it with your dive gear. The colors include Black, Gray, Blue, Pink, Yellow (yellow), Purple, Orange, and White (white).

I did find I needed to pull the ear flaps out sometimes to help my ears clear, but that is only a minor thing. All in all, I’d give it a 4.5 on the scale of 5.

Back to Nicole

Pretty cool, right? Who is ready to come in and be the next victim proud owner of this 3mil Headband. You won’t be sorry! I currently own 2, a black one and a purple one. For anyone who doesn’t know… my favorite color is purple so I obviously needed a purple one!

If you want to try one, I’ll let you try mine, although note I have a lot of hair and a big head (no jokes there….) so mine is a Large/Extra Large. If you need the Small/Medium, you’ll have to use someone else’s headband.

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