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Happy Wednesday. I just typed Wednesday 4 times before my W would actually capitalize. I could have left it lower case I guess but if you’ve ever texted with me, you’ll know that I use correct grammar and even punctuation most of the time. Short hand… forgetaboutit. That is a word I learned in New York City and it’s apparently one word… not three. Although you really need to put the correct Brooklyn accent with it for it to totally work. We did a tour of the city when I was there in 2005 and the tour guide was a History teacher during the school year and a tour guide during the summer months. Every time we’d pass another tour bus we’d have to yell in that Brooklyn accent “Fugeddaboutit” as we were waving at them when we passed by.

I’ll tell you, if you ever go on a tour, make sure your tour guide is a history teacher because you’ll learn lots of fun and interesting facts! He totally beat the tour guide we had in Chicago and Oahu. And all of that stemmed from the fact that I couldn’t get a capital W on Wednesday. Mark likes to tease me that my brain goes from A to B to 49er to triangle to go and finally to Z. His only problem is I don’t always explain my path from A to Z and he gets lost 😆.

A few weeks ago when I came in to write my Wednesday blog post, I sat down at my computer all ready to write about the Galileo Luna personal dive computer when in fact, that weeks post was on the Pyroflex Steamer. Then to add to all that excitement and confusion, I wasn’t sure what the Pyroflex Steamer was even though I own one. <sigh>😔 I have to admit, even though I wanted to write about the Luna, I’m glad it wasn’t that week because on April 6th there was a post on the SCUBAPRO Facebook page all about a Dive Computer that was Lost and Found. Here, read the post!

Now if you read that (I hope you did), you’ll notice that it is about the Sol and we’re talking about the Luna, but the thing is they are sister (or brother) dive computers. Extremely similar. Now that the scene has been set, let’s look at today’s SCUBAPRO Feature item, the Galileo Luna personal dive computer.

One of the first things I can tell you about this dive computer is a lot of our divers dive with this computer, so if you have a question or a problem, just ask and someone will be able to help almost immediately. That’s exciting, right?

This particular dive computer is a fully functional wrist-mounted dive computer. Wrist-mounted, does that mean we have a hose that connects from the tank to our arm? That seems inconvenient, right? Oh contraire, there is no hose connecting the computer to the tank, instead you have a transmitter that is attached to your 1st stage regulator that reads the pressure of the tank and transmits it to your arm. Sweet! In case you want to be part of the club, call it air-integration and you’re golden👍!

Other perks of this dive computer are it will handle Nitrox mixes up to 100% 02 (get Nitrox certified, all the cool kids are!!), an algorithm that calculates true remaining bottom time, marks intermediate stops, AND has an enormous logbook that stores tons of useful data from each dive (we’re talking multiple dives here!). The thing is, don’t be scared off by all that this personal dive computer can do because it is loaded to the max with these features, but very user friendly! And again, remember if you have a problem, more than likely with all the divers who use this computer, someone is within ear shot and can immediately help you out. SCORE!

So I mention easy to use. Well, this dive computer offers three primary screen choice configurations to suit your individual taste. I can tell you when mine is on, it says SCUBA BLOGGER. So if you find it laying around and you see SCUBA Blogger, that’d be mine. I might have lost my mind. It also has a yellow strap. Please help keep me all put together. Some days I’d lose my brain if it weren’t attached to my head. I believe the word you are looking for is…. Anyway….

There are three buttons at the top of the computer that are clearly marked to help navigate you through the menus so you are able to find the information you are seeking. Better yet, if you prefer the buttons at the bottom, rotate the screen 180 degrees and put the buttons on bottom. See, extremely customizable to your preferences.

Now, say that your camera gets dropped at the bottom of the lake (luckily it was an underwater camera!), this dive computer has a compass that can help you find that camera in 6 minutes (or less). The intuitive digital compass features an actual half-compass that can be used at a full 90-degree tilt, making it a true aid to underwater navigation. But if you need some help with navigation, there’s classes for that too!

Now, there are upgrades that are offered for the Luna, one being the Predictive Multi-Gas upgrade and the other being the Heart Rate Monitor Upgrade. These are the two primary differences between the Luna and the Sol (the Sol comes equipped with these options). This is what SCUBAPRO has to say about those upgrades (I don’t have either upgrade in case you wondered…..)

  • Predictive Multi-Gas upgrade:Purchasing the PMG feature allows the GALILEO LUNA to use up to three nitrox mixes (21-100% O2) during the dive, calculating the ascent schedule for all possible combinations of the programmed mixes. The outcome of the different decompression calculations can be shown on the screen in a dedicated deco summary screen.
  • Heart Rate Monitor upgrade:Exclusive to SCUBAPRO dive computers, the heart rate monitor, jointly developed with Polar (world leader in the field of heart rate monitors), measures your heartbeat and skin temperature during the dive that can then be factored into the decompression calculation along with your workload. This results in safer diving because each diver is unique, and each dive location and situation is different. The HRM is also ideal for freedivers, measuring heart rate and sounding an alarm if the heart rate drops below the set level.

So Technology. Let’s focus on technology since that is the way the world is going. Let’s say you need a different language because you are multi-lingual and you want to test your skills underwater (because that’s where I want to test my language skills… haha), or let’s say there is a new firmware update… How do you get those updates? Wait wait wait, what is firmware first? I’m so glad you asked, because I wasn’t sure either. It makes me feel better when I’m not the only one who needs to know these things! So… Firmware is a type of software that provides control, monitoring, and data manipulation of engineered products and systems. Basically it is permanent software programmed into a read-only memory.

NOTE: Using the infrared interface, you have the option to update the GALILEO LUNA‘s firmware. You can also download upgrade packages over the Internet to get new features and new languages.

Now please don’t ask me about infrared interface. I’ll leave that to the professionals.

A couple cool features I’d like to point out to you… I’ve mentioned before that my eldest daughter is 14 and SCUBA certified. I can buy a transmitter to place on her tank and link my Luna Personal Dive Computer up to her tank and watch her air consumption as well as see my own air consumption, you know, just to make sure she’s watching. I also love that if I’m diving and move up say 10 feet, it will recalculate my remaining bottom time.

Finally, if you have a nervous habit of doing weird things with your hands while diving, clasp your hands together and put your computer in front of your face (on your wrist of course) and it gives you something to take away that nervous tick. That is just a tip someone gave me once upon a time.

Who has questions I didn’t answer? If you’re raising your hand✋, come see us here at Extreme Sports Scuba. Sometimes it is better to feel, see, hear, maybe even taste (not really) the product. We can answer your questions and show you all the latest and greatest features while you have it in your hand and are looking at every screen with us.

I know I keep saying, one more thing, one more thing, but this is a good one!!! So yesterday I was perusing Facebook and the SCUBAPRO page popped up with this great offer. I figured it’s perfect timing and so I want to share this offer with you now!! Catch it while you can because it’s only good through May 19, 2017. Don’t miss this!!!

Here is your take away message about the Galileo Luna in one sentence:

The Galileo Luna offers a choice of display screens, an intuitive menu system, optional upgrades, and the bar-none best electronic compass around!

Bam! One sentence! Now, come see us, especially before May 19, 2017 about this awesome personal dive computer!!!

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