Extreme Product Feature – Masks with Changeable Lenses {Solara & Flux Twin}

How many people out there have the same problem I do… you’re blind as a bat without your glasses or contacts? {raises hand} Okay, okay, so technically bats aren’t blind, the move via noise but still… that’s the saying. Just go with me here. I have worn glasses since I was in the second grade. I bumped up to contacts when I was in 8th grade, but the point of all of this is without the aid of some sort of optical device, I don’t see all that well. Now imagine that you’re a certified scuba diver and you can’t see all the wonderment that lies below the water. Sad day, right? Never fear!!

SCUBAPRO Solara & Flux Twin masks to the rescue!

SCUBAPRO has two masks that have the ability to exchange lenses to a prescription that aids in your visual enjoyment. Haha. I was trying to be flowery there with my wording. But basically, there are two masks that I can share with you now that do allow for you to be able to see underwater without your glasses. Now if you wear contacts you can wear whatever masks is most comfortable for you, but it might not be a bad idea to have a spare mask with lenses just in case you lose a contact. Or at least bring extra contacts with you!

Note: You do not have to have cheaters (aka glasses/contacts) to wear these masks. In fact, the Solara* seems to be the best overall fitting mask to most people’s face type. These just happen to be the two masks that allow people with glasses to be able to put their prescription in a mask and see underwater.


With the above noted statement*, let’s look at the Solara first.

The frame of the Solara is rugged enough to sustain all the bumps and dings that might happen during a day of diving. This is a dual lens mask with an impact-resistant polycarbonate frame to give the mask strength and durability. The skirt is made of hypoallergenic silicon with a double-feathered edge for maximum comfort on virtually all face shapes, sizes, and types. It is then equipped with a non-slip strap for easy adjustment. But remember, you can always buy a different mask strap if that one doesn’t suit your taste!

So Technical aspect:
  • High-impact polycarbonate frame delivers durability and strength.
  • Classic low-volume design features tempered glass lenses.
  • Hypoallergenic, double-sealed silicone skirt is comfortable and keeps water out.
  • Non-slip strap with easy adjust buckles provide the perfect fit for enjoyable diving.
  • Available in 6 color combinations.
    • Colors
      • Clear Skirt – Black, Blue, Yellow, Clear/Gray.
      • Black Skirt — Black, Black/Red.

Flux Twin

Now, the other option for a mask that allows you to have prescription lenses… the Flux Twin. This particular mask is constructed of strong, impact-resistant polycarbonate material allowing it to withstand the use and abuse of diving. That being said, is there a lot of abuse in diving? Well if you’re clumsy like me, you may just drop your mask one or two or twelve times, maybe even in a day so it’s best to have a durable mask. Just saying.

The skirt of the mask is hypoallergenic silicon with a double-feathered edge to give you that comfort you prefer in diving. The skirt seals to your face to help keep the water out and adjusts to multiple face types. The strap that comes with this mask is a non-slip strap with easy adjustable buckles for maximum comfort, but again, remember if you want a snazzy strap, we can help you there too!

Let’s look at the technical information:
  • High-impact polycarbonate frame delivers durability and strength.
  • Dual lenses are designed to accept optical lenses to improve the underwater view.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt with double-feathered edge is super-comfortable and keeps water out.
  • Non-slip strap and easy adjust buckles provide the perfect fit for enjoyable diving.
  • Available in 6 color combinations.
    • Colors:
      • Clear Skirt — Blue, Yellow, White, Clear.
      • Black Skirt — Black, Metallic Red.

Now that we have covered the idea that you can see underwater no matter what… let’s talk comfort. My back-up mask is a Solara. I absolutely LOVE that mask and it was actually my first mask I owned. So why did I quit diving with it? That’s a good question that I don’t really have an answer to to be honest. It is my back-up mask and I’d dive with it any day of the week. The Flux Twin is not a mask I have dove with. Because it has the name Flux in it, I’m going to assume it is a sister (or brother) mask to the Flux, which is my primary mask I dive with.

One thing that we typically point out, and obviously preference plays in to this factor, is go with a black skirt mask. Why? From our experience, they tend to seal better than the clear skirted masks. Also if underwater photography is your thing, something we’ve noticed is the black masks make the divers eyes pop a little more than a clear skirted mask. Finally, if you’re into spear fishing, the black skirted mask allows for you to zero in on your target a little better. I don’t know that for a fact, I read it. Someone who is a spear fisher, please verify this… Bueller, Bueller.

Seriously, when it comes to getting a mask, personal preference is everything. Take the time to try as many masks as you can. (That’s my broken record statement for the day… I’m pretty sure I say that every time….) Come in and we’ll help fit you. We’re good at things like that, come test us!

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