Extreme Product Feature – Regulator Accessories

Hi guys. How are you doing? I’m good, thank you for asking. What’s on tap for today? Today, I am going to tell you about regulator accessories. Are you super excited?

First off, why would you want regulator accessories. Picture this… You get on the dive boat. You have your MK25/S600 (or regulator of choice) and so does everyone else. How on earth will you know which one is yours? The answer is simple… regulator accessories!

Regulator Accessories

Regulator accessories, swivels, miflex hoses, S600 change plates, lanyard

MiFlex hoses. What is a Miflex hose? A Miflex hose is lightweight and durable with a multilayer construction. The best thing about them is they are kink-resistant. So you could try to tie it in a knot and you would still be able to breathe through it. They are even resistant to abrasion and factory cleaned for use with up to 40% oxygen. They come in multiple colors allowing you to color code them to your gear color, unless you want purple. #firstworldproblems. (And I see purple, but they don’t make the right length for this blogger…)

Multi colored Miflex hoses

Swivel elbows. When you buy your second stage, the hose comes over your shoulder and attaches straight into the side of your second stage. An elbow allows you to more comfortably run the hose under your arm and it changes the angle for which the hose enters the second stage. The options we typically use include 110˚, 120˚ and a 90˚ angle.

Different color inserts for S600 2nd Stage. This really doesn’t do anything other than add color and help color coordinate your gear.

S600 2nd Stage insert's, purple, blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, white.

Regulator Lanyard. So, the purpose of this is it attaches your second stage regulator to your BC. Kind of handy should your regulator get pulled out of your mouth, it stays close. There are so many different kinds that finding a picture, the possibilities are endless. Tip: It is handy to have one that quickly releases from your BC should you have to hand your 2nd stage off to your buddy.

Yellow Regulator lanyard

What can I tell you now? Come in and talk to us. Let’s set your regulator up to your personal needs and likes. That’s the best advice I can give you today. Happy November 1st and a special Happy Birthday to the IT Tech/SCUBAPRO Certified Tech… aka my loving husband, Mark.

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