Extreme Product Feature – SCUBAPRO Caravan Bag

If you ever think you want some excitement, come to Extreme Sports Scuba, especially on a Wednesday, and see what crazy things we’re up to…. I truthfully should leave it at that to keep from incriminating ourselves… or else… sometimes there are pictures that speak for themselves…

If you’re looking at this picture and wondering… WHAT. ON. EARTH. is she doing?… well I’m so glad that is the thought that went through your head!

As you may or may not know, there was a trip to Cozumel this week and I may have been trying to decide if I could hide in Deb or Grady’s suitcase so I could go. Hey I’d have bought them some clothes when we got there, and paid the overweight baggage fee… but sadly as you can see, I can’t quite fit into the SCUBAPRO Caravan Bag.

Okay, the top question for today… Can you guess what SCUBAPRO Product I’m discussing today? If you guessed the Caravan Bag, you would be correct! By the way, I’m 5’7” tall and most of that is legs, in case you are wondering if you can fit in the bag as well.

SCUBAPRO Caravan Bag

So you’ve signed up for a dive trip. We discussed once upon a time what all gear you would need to take to your diving destination. This was actually the bag that we filled with our dive gear to showcase what all you would need to pack as well. Truthfully this is a fairly good sized suitcase measuring in at 27.5in x 15.8in x 13.8in (for those of you who like centimeters better that’s 70x40x35cm).

This would be a checked bag, so take in to account that the bag only weighs 8.6lbs (or 3900g) to begin with, there is lots of room for your gear and to hopefully avoid those overweight charges, you know unless you’re toting a person…

This is a versatile bag made by SCUBAPRO that has rollers and handles for easy maneuverability whether dragging behind you through customs or placing up into a van to move on to your diving destination. No matter what, if you are going just down the block or half way around the world, a trusty bag to transport your beloved dive gear is a MUST.

The huge main compartment that is 25.9 gal (98L) features a U-shaped, corrosion-resistant YKK zipper for easy-access packing and external compression straps to secure the load. There are additional side and top pockets perfect for securing the smaller items.

Once your gear is secure, there are handles on the top, bottom, and side to provide ease of lifting your Caravan bag from the ground to any surface and helps this bag double as a duffel bag for convenient hand-carrying.

Best yet, the wheels are saltwater resistant and it comes equipped with a retractable tow handle to help wheel your gear over multiple surface types.

Want some technical aspects? Okay, done.

  • Bag’s exterior is made from a combination of 420D Nylon NT and 450D Rip-stop for strength and durability.
  • The interior lining is 150D polyester.
  • The bag enjoys a 20% lighter overall weight thanks to the new PU lining and updated construction.
  • The bag offers over four gallons more volume than its predecessor with substantially increased gear-packing capacity.
  • A large main compartment with U-shaped opening, two side pockets, and one flat pocket on top provide a variety of packing and stowage options.
  • YKK saltwater-resistant double-slider zippers are durable and allow for easy access of the large main compartment.
  • External compression straps help snug down a partial load to make bag handling easier.
  • Telescopic double-bar tow handle, side, top and bottom carry handles and reinforced saltwater resistant wheels provide a bevy of lifting, carrying and rolling options.
  • Dimensions: 27.5×15.8×13.8in/70x40x35cm. Weight: 8.6lbs/3900g. Volume: 25.9gal/98L.

So while I can’t quite fit into this bag, not for lack of trying, a lot of dive gear from your BC to your fins and wet suit will fit in this bag with room to spare. So go ahead and buy that souvenir. You know you want to! Just remember, the Blogger likes things too.

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