Extreme Product Feature – SCUBAPRO G2

Are you friends with Dan La Due on Facebook? Well, why not? Seriously… LOL. Poor Dan, he gets called out a lot on this blog. But Dan, it is because we love you. So why would I call him out today? Well, because, he called me out on Facebook the other day, along with a few other people on a post/picture.

He just so happened to be watching a Chinese film and saw this…

Look closely at that guy’s wrist… Galileo Sol or Luna? Isn’t that exactly what it looks like?!?! Who knew? For someone like me, this would be exceptionally handy when I want to talk to people under water. Haha. Anyway… let’s move on to today’s post… The….


“The next generation Galileo has arrived. Introducing the G2.”

I’m sure you heard hype about this for months… and months… and months. Well, now it is here. Oh, wait… it has been here for a while huh? Well still, let me explain.

The claim, they have combined everything you currently love with everything you dreamed about… Um… can you use it as a walkie talkie? No? I guess maybe I’m asking too much. Haha. No, but seriously, this new dive computer is easy to use, reliable, and apparently even bulletproof. I don’t want to try that out though!

One of the biggest fears/concerns that was spoken when the first ones were bought here at our shop is ease of reading. I can tell you everyone who has one has said they are extremely easy to read, especially with the different color of screens. Personally, I don’t know yet, I own mine, but it’s still in the box. (We can’t agree at my house who gets it… Plus, I haven’t been diving since it came in… but I will soon!)

Easy to read:

  • This new dive computer is complete with color screens. The bright, colorful screen helps draw your attention to the information you “need to know.”
  • You can even customize to your own liking with four different color options.

Easy to use:

  • You still have the three button control. One of those things you loved about the previous computers.
  • This computer allows you to transmit air pressure from up to 9 tanks.
    • Why? Because why not. LOL. No, example: You have eight kids diving with you. You can keep track of all 8 plus your air consumption. Just an example. I’m trying to help paint pictures here and I can barely draw. Stick figures and smiley faces are my thang. (yes, I said thang. Haha)
  • Plus the new transmitters blink green, yellow, and red to indicate your air level. Yey!

Easy to understand:

  • Have you used a previous version of the Galileo line? The menus are extremely intuitive. Well, that feature you love transferred over to this new G2. And the menus are extremely easy to use so if you haven’t had the opportunity to use a Galileo thus far, you won’t spend all your time reading dive manuals. Instead, you’ll be off diving having a grand adventure.
  • You can customize your screen to see as little or as much as you prefer.
  • And this is the industry’s leading digital compass. Meaning if you lose a camera in the water, you can take Diver Dan and Deb with you and find it quickly! Yes, I’m speaking from experience!

Easy to manage:

  • I’m married to a tech guy. One of the features he loves that I’m sure other techy people love is the fact that it easily syncs with your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone.
  • Plus, it will log up to 1,000 hours of dive profiles. Good for those people who log multiple, multiple dives per computer.
  • Finally, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery. WHAT? Yes, this allows you to recharge your computer AND the battery lasts up to 50 dives per charge.

Full Package:

  • G2
  • Moulded Case
  • Transmitter
  • Heart Rate Belt
  • Read First Manual
  • 3M foil screen protector
  • USB cable
  • Retractor clip

Wrist Only:

  • G2
  • A Read First manual
  • 3M foil screen protector
  • USB cable
  • Retractor clip

So the question is… what are you waiting for? Come check one out for yourself!!

P.S. A little House Keeping:


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