Extreme Product Feature – SCUBAPRO NovaLight 720

Lights, Camera, Action. Lights out, parties over. Okay those are the only two I can come up with… so do you have any idea what I might be talking about today? If you guessed a light, you would be correct! If you are correct, would that mean you had that ah ha, light bulb moment? Just a thought. Let’s see how many more of these corny things I can come up with. Probably not many… But don’t think for one minute I’m not trying!

So lights… what can I tell you about flashlights? Why would you want to dive with a flashlight? Well because sometimes when you do the wrecks diving, the deep diving, or possibly even cave diving (sorry never done it so I’m just guessing at this point) you want to light things up so you know what you’re looking at. Bingo.

What light might I be discussing today, because there are quite a few out on the market? Well, let’s look at the Nova 720. This is a pretty slick little flashlight.

The outside of the Nova 720 is made from heavy-duty aluminum, which makes it lightweight but durable. The light head itself is equipped with the newest CREE XPL LED that makes it capable of pumping between 700 and 800 lumens of brilliant light. One of the coolest features I noticed is the fact you can run at 50% mode allowing more burn time if you don’t need full power mode.

The Novalight 720 uses simple twist-on/twist-off motion to activate the LED light while it is backed by double-O ring seals for leakage protection. The grip is improved by raised-up diamond-shaped intentions in the metal allowing for easier twisting motion. Shock-proof rubber protection on the end of the light head safeguards the electronics and provides an additional non-slip surface.

So let’s hear about some of the physical features of this light, shall we? I’m so glad you asked that question!! The Nova 720 measures 9.1 inches or if you’re really into that metric system, it’s 232 mm in length. Batteries, we need batteries right? Yup, 3 C-cell batteries to be exact and it will provide up to 10 hours of burn time. Remember that the burning mode plays into that… 50% versus 100%. Let’s say you drop your light, it happens after all, so how far down will it go and still be okay? 1,000 feet. Further than any of us should be diving. And for those who really understand that metric system (not me) 300m. It is rated for this depth because of an over pressure valve on the end cap, which is a safety feature not normally found on lights in this classification of lights. Now that’s bright (pun intended, otherwise I’d have said, now that’s fancy).

Keep in mind, there are other versions of this light available as in a wide-angle version, a rechargeable version, and get this, a wide-angle rechargeable version.

Technical Information

  • Rugged gun-metal aluminum body
  • Lightweight durability for maximum life
  • Interchangeable light head
  • Equipped with the newest CREE XPL LED.
  • NEW – Two modes: 100% and 50% power.
  • 720 lumens rank among the best in its class in illumination.
  • Light measures 9.1in/232mm in length.
  • Double O-ring seals ensure watertight integrity.
  • Diamond-shaped knurling (raised-up diamond-shaped indentations in the metal) on both handle and light head guarantees a firm grip, with or without gloves.
  • Easy twist on/twist off activation
  • Shock-proof rubber protection keeps the light head safe from knocks and bumps.
  • Over-pressure valve releases battery off-gasing
  •  A depth rating of 1000ft/300m ensures worry-free
  • Powered by three C-cell batteries that provide up to 10 hours of burn time.

So this light is rated at 720 lumens. What is a lumen? A Lumen is the intensity of light as it is perceived by a human eye. Okay, layman’s terms… the brightness of the light. Lumens happens to be the easiest and most useful comparison method when discussing light output.

As I mentioned above, this light would be extremely useful when deep diving or wreck diving. Oh wait, we have those classes you can take to help with that advanced or master diver certification… how convenient. This isn’t the only light you’ll need for those classes because you always need a back up light, but it’s a good start on your way to lighting a path. Oh look at me go… another sorta pun. I’m trying here. At least give me props, please! And with that, I’m outta here. Come see us about this light, you won’t be sorry!

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