Extreme Product Feature – Twin Jet Fins

Okay, who is responsible for turning on the Air Conditioner outside… Brrrrr. Yesterday morning, I thought I was going to freeze if I didn’t blow away! Dang. Today I looked at the weather forecast… A high of 70, a low of 50. Not terrible, especially this time of year. Tomorrow looks a little better in one aspect and a lot worse in another. Huh? High 78 = GOOD! Low… 38. Friday’s low 32. Saturday’s low… a whopping 29. Holy COW! I guess we are approaching the end of October and moving into November. Your Halloween forecast is a high 76 and a low 59.

I’m just proving I can be a meteorologist. If I get it wrong, you can’t be mad at me. Haha. Just kidding… I think. We had a busy weekend and I hope you were able to join us. Saturday night was the Newton County Christmas for Kids 5th Annual Chili Cookoff. It was a load of fun. The weather acted like it was going to be terrible, but it didn’t hit until around 11 pm, after we were all said and done.

Sunday was the 20th Annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving. That storm that blew through Saturday night brought a cold front. It was supposed to be clear and sunny on Sunday but at the lake, the weather had different ideas. We’d be lucky if we hit 60˚F and it drizzled most of the time. Just as we were packing up, the sun decided to come out and warm up a few degrees.

So that’s what’s been happening around here… how have you been?

Today we’re going to focus on a product that is near and dear to my heart… The Twin Jet Fin. Why near and dear to my heart? Well, I used yellow ones for Scuba classes/certification check out dives. My first ones were pink. Then I switched to black. Yes, I have dove with other ones but these are my go-to of choice. But I’m not the only one… When you go on dive trips, you’ll probably notice people do things to make theirs stand out to them. Mine have Christmas colors on them because well, I like Christmas… haha. But let’s not focus on me and let’s focus on the Twin Jet Fin.

Twin Jet Fins


As I mentioned above, a lot of us own this type of fin. Why? Well, the design of the fin allows for fast, maneuverability to say, chase a shark. I’ve seen Dan La Due’s going so fast you almost thought they were going to break in two because he was chasing a shark.

Twin Jet fins attached to Scuba gear and tanks on a boat in Cozumel

The design of the fin allows for an easy flutter kick that originates from the hip and glides through the water. There are channels in the lower part of the fin, along with the split that allows you to glide through the water. There’s a large pocket for your feet to help prevent toe cramping. And adjustable swivel hinges to help with the ease of putting on and taking off your fins. Finally, you can swap out the adjustable straps for spring straps. Score!

Here is a YouTube video I found by Rene Dupre of SCUBAPRO.

Technical Information

  • Durable Monprene construction will last a lifetime of active diving.
  • Patented split fin propeller technol- ogy produces lots of propulsion with minimal effort.
  • Drag-reducing vents where foot pocket and blade meet radically decrease drag on both up and down strokes.
  • Foot pocket’s extended soleplate allows you to maximize the amount of energy you expend on each kick without wasting energy.
  • Extra-wide foot pocket is ideal for wearing with drysuit or semi-dry suit boots as well as standard warm-water boots.
  • Quick-connect swivel buckles allow for easy donning and doffing. Spring heel straps are optional.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL.

Sometimes it is fun to get a different perspective than that of the Blogger Lady who focuses on the weather. So the question is, what more would you like to know? Come in and chat with us. We all have different perspectives on why we like these particular fins… so now is the time. Remember, Christmas is coming up… Just saying. Are you ready to start your Christmas list yet? I know, I know, we haven’t had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet. I’ll hush now.


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