Extreme Product Review – Heavy Duty 6.5 Mil Tall Dive Boot

There is a real struggle when it comes to commas. WHAT? It must be the change of weather that brought this out in me. I mean, seriously, how often am I random? So, you remember in grade school learning or maybe not learning to put the comma in a list of things with the addition or subtraction of that comma being before AND. Example: shorts, swimsuit, dive boots, and computer versus shorts, swimsuit, dive boots and computer. That comma before and has a name, it is the Oxford Comma and there is a huge debate on how people feel about that poor comma. First world problems.

This is a SCUBA blog, not the grammar police blog oh Blogger Lady. Yes, I know, but you’re always supposed to learn at least one new thing a day and I’m trying to make sure to help you out in case you hadn’t learned anything yet today.

Plus the fact that comma’s make a difference. A conversation had at my house this morning:

  • Why did you take the pool noodles out?
    • That translates to why did you do that? — Not how I heard it.
  • Or Why, did you take the pool noodles out?
    • Translates to oh, you did that. Cool, basically. — How I heard it.

Okay, I’ll quit with the comma, by the way, I’m a huge fan of the Oxford Comma. I can explain my reasons if you want, but for now, I’ll leave you with my favorite dive boots, the Heavy Duty 6.5 mil Tall Dive Boots. I’m a huge fan of them too! Bam, she knocks it out of the park again and ties the two things together. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

Heavy Duty 6.5 mil Tall Dive Boots

I mentioned just above that these are my favorite dive boots. I’m now on my 3rd pair, and not because I keep wearing them out… Nope. I’ve given 2 pairs away while diving in Cozumel, but that’s another story for another day!

So they call these boots New. I’m not sure why because like I said, I’m on my 3rd pair. I know my first and second pairs looked a little different so the design changed between them. My first pair was bought in 2014, my second pair bought in 2015, and my third pair bought in 2017. Again, I can’t give you a reference for that word “new.”

Here’s the thing, these boots are warm. I’m one of those people who has cold feet a lot, so these help keep my feet warm, especially diving in say Mermet Springs or Beaver Lake during Memorial Day Weekend, but they are so extremely comfortable that they are my dive boots of choice for places like Cozumel where the water temperature warrants say the Heavy Duty 3 mil Dive Boots.

They also have a “grippy” bottom on the boots to allow for ease of walking down rocky and/or sandy shores. They are built to withstand the tough environments you may put them through with a reinforced toe and heel. While these boots are durable, they are extremely comfortable. Double whammy.

One complaint I’ve heard, although I don’t experience, is the extra mil thickness makes your feet want to float up. This is a personal preference, so hey, come in and talk to us. We all have different tastes and preferences. With that… we may like something you like and by all means, find someone who has them and “TRY THEM OUT.” Yes, I yelled that. I’ll scream it from the roof tops if I need to. I know, I sound like a broken record, a lot.

Technical Information

  • Heavy-duty nylon 2-sided neoprene ensures comfort and durability.
  • Reinforced toe and heel provide protection from the elements.
  • Heavy-duty rubber anti-slip molded sole protects feet from sharp rocks and craggy surfaces.
  • Velcro zipper-end patch secures the side zipper when closed.
  • Available in 9 sizes.
    • Available Sizes: 2XS/5, XS/6, S/7, M/8, L/9, XL/10, 2XL/11, 3XL/12, 4XL/13.

While I think I’m funny, I shouldn’t give up my day job anytime soon to become a comedian, but I am serious when I say come talk to us. We’ll help play devil’s advocate if need be. And I’m sure that you can find someone who owns a pair you can borrow if you want to try them out first. Plus, use those cool funky dive socks and you’ll really be styling.

Okay, my Oxford Comma and I are off to save the world! Hopefully, you had a great Labor Day Weekend. If you are planning on making the trek across the great state of Misery Missouri to Mermet Springs, Illinois, drive careful and we’ll see you there.

House Keeping Info:

  • Please get your recipes, stories, photos in. I’m starting to worry!!!
  • No Dive Club Meeting tomorrow, instead, we moved it to Fat Edd’s in Metropolis, Illinois Saturday night. Allow those who are traveling time to pack!!
  • Give that Oxford Comma love. Oh wait, that’s just my house keeping responsibility.
  • Peace Out.


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