Extreme Sports Scuba at the Pittsburg Boat Show

This weekend was the Pittsburg Boat Show at Meadowbrook Mall and you can guess where Extreme Sports Scuba was!

On Saturday Deb Weston, Drake Weston and Dan La Due went to man the booth with the help of fellow divers who showed up including but not limited to: Mark Willoughby, Tori Willoughby, Lee Lake, Chris Parrish, (Addison Willoughby, but she can’t dive yet) and the blogger herself (myself?) Nicole Willoughby. (If you were there, let me know and you’ll be added to the list!!)

Sunday Deb, Dan and Grady manned the booth. (If you showed up and want included, please let me know!!)

Grady was left to “man the shop” while Deb, Dan, & Drake were representing over in Pittsburg. Lee went over to the shop later to help Grady get ready for the upcoming Platinum Party this Saturday, January 31st (make sure it’s on your calendar to attend!!).

And if you remember that I’m always pointing out that Scuba Divers love to eat… Every time I turned around Saturday while I was there, Lee was putting food in his mouth, I even caught it on film. (or digitally, whichever you’d like to call it.)

Just as a reminder, remember January 31st, this Saturday is the Scuba Pro Platinum Party from 1-4pm which is also the February Dive Club Meeting so put it on your Calendar and we’ll hopefully see you there!

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