Extreme Sports Scuba at the Pittsburg Boat Show

When you think of wintertime, you probably don’t think of a lot of scuba diving events but this is a great time of year to promote the sport. Saturday, January 25th, and Sunday, January 26th Extreme Sports Scuba headed over to Pittsburg, Kansas, for their yearly boat show. Saturday Deb Weston and Dan La Due represented and Grady Weston came over on Sunday.

During the show, they met with a lot of certified divers and even people who were looking into refresher courses. There were even new prospects looking into getting certified. That’s what we need with this sport to keep it alive and thriving!

It’s always great when there is a funny story and a great lesson to be learned. This year’s story was of a woman who came up to the booth and was staring at the ERDI poster, which also included a photo of a car in the river. She stood there and stared and stared at the poster and finally spoke up and said, “Oh the D stands for diving doesn’t it not driving.” They all got a good laugh because she couldn’t figure out how the car in the river went along with diving. By the way, if you’re having difficulty remembering what ERDI stands for, it stands for Emergency Response Diving International.

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