Extreme Top Posts – 2015 Edition

Here we are, a new year. Welcome to 2016. Last night I was walking through the house and realized that I don’t have a scheduled (use the term loosely, all blurbs were written the morning it was posted) blog post for Wednesday’s anymore. I kind of felt sad. Don’t worry, I’m not done blogging just yet, that just means that you will have to come back frequently to see what has been pulled out of my sleeve of ideas. Sleeve of tricks? Something.

I thought it would be fun though to do a quick look back at 2015 posts and see what the top posts were out of the 110 posts posted. Are you game? I sure hope so!

1.     New Year’s Day Dive 2015

2.     April Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2015

3.     Did you know… Vacations

4.     March Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2015

5.     100 Scuba Diving Facts for the 100th Blog Post

6.     February Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2015

7.     Extreme Sports Scuba Diver – Kim Brungard

8.     I Can’t Dive Because…

9.     Cozumel 2015 – Carnaval Trip

10.   May Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2015

While we’re at it, do you think it could be fun to see what the top posts out of the now 200 blog posts since the blog went live in September 2013? Okay, since you asked so nicely…

1.     The Red Coaters are coming – 2013

2.     Try it Tuesday – 2013

3.     November Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2013

4.     Instructor Interviews – Deb Weston – 2013

5.     Come Try Scuba – Try it Tuesday – February 2014

6.     Try it Tuesday – Nevada Boy Scout Edition – 2014

7.     Try it Tuesday – January 2014

8.     October Dive Club Meeting – 2013

9.     Instructor Interviews – Grady Weston – 2013

10.   Diver Behind the Blog – Nicole Willoughby – 2014

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